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These are coffee beans

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Would you drink curdled milk?  Perhaps you would enjoy a tasty piece of chicken that has been hiding behind the milk jug for the past 2 weeks?  Didn’t think so.  Of course we wouldn’t subject ourselves to these obviously rotten, and potentially dangerous foods.  Then why to do we do it with coffee?!

 Coffee is a food!  The coffee bean, is the seed inside of a piece of fruit.  When this seed is roasted, the sugars inside of the seed transform into very flavorful oils.  When left inside of the whole bean, they are protected to a certain extent, but once the bean is ground these oils are exposed to the elements, and there is nothing that we can do to stop the aging process.  Even if the coffee was fresh when packaged (highly unlikely), once the package is opened the timer starts.  

You must be figuring that the hypothetical timer must be set for a couple of weeks or so.  Actually, that timer is set for about a half an hour!  Those oils are

dead within minutes, and rotten within hours.  That is the precise moment that the majority of coffee companies package the coffee…after it is already rotten.  No wonder why the masses load their beverage with vanilla this, and caramel that.  They are trying to disguise the grotesque flavor.  That is exactly what the Vikings used to do with their rotten meat.  They would plaster it with various seasonings to hide the foul smell and flavor.  

The good news is that we don’t have to live this way!  You can choose fresh roasted whole bean coffee, grind it just before brewing, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee…real coffee.  You may still prefer to put some cream in it (not me!), but you will do this to enhance the flavor of the coffee, not to mask it.  

So what’s stopping you from trying fresh roasted coffee?

How can I help you make the switch?

Why do you drink your Folgers / Maxwell House / Nescafe junk?

I would really love it if you would answer in the comments below.  I want to help you to make the transition, save money, and save you from having stomach pain due to drinking rotten coffee.  The first step is to admit it.  Why not start now?

A couple of suggestions of where to buy coffee online are: –  These guys have a collection of coffees from the best roasters in North America, all in one spot!  They have frequent deals, and they make it easy to try new stuff with one easy checkout process.

Camano Island Coffee – This company has a few amazing coffees.  They could have more, but I’ve only had a few of them and I loved all of them.  Most notably was the Papua New Guinea.  A company built on sustainable practices.  Check out my full review of Camano Island Coffee Roasters.

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