Nate’s #Coffee Gift Buying Guide!

coffee gift buying guide

As the holiday season draws ever closer, most of us are scrambling to find unique, useful gifts. If you have some coffee lovers on your list, then you’ve come to the right place! I will give you several coffee related gift options, several of which, most coffee drinkers do not already own. Brewing better coffee doesn’t have to be expensive, and neither do the majority of the corresponding gifts. I’ve included exceptional coffee products, in every price range in this coffee gift buying guide, suitable for any occasion.

Coffee Brewers

It is a common misconception that one must purchase an extravagant, expensive coffee maker to enjoy exceptional coffee. The best coffee brewers are frequently the simplest designs. Sure, you can make an awesome cup of coffee from a $10,000 machine, but you can make a cup that is almost as good from a $40 french press! Here are a few of the coffee brewers that are simple to use, offer repeatable, high quality results, and are just about dummy proof.

Bodum Columbia French Press

buy bodum columbia stainless steel french pressThe Bodum Columbia stainless steel french press, offers durability and excellent performance. After my family busted 3 glass press pots, I chose the Bodum (1308-16) Columbia press. Along with the ability to take a beating, the plunger assembly is much easier to clean than those found in the glass pots. The bottom of the plunger is a single piece, which contrasts to the 3 pieces of the glass Chambord. The 8 cup model is $70. Although the glass models are less expensive, I recommend the Columbia…especially if you have children!

Bodum Chambord French Press

buy bodum chambord french press coffee makerThe Bodum Chambord is the gold standard of french presses! This redesigned model features more chrome, which appears to aide with durability, as well as provide an attractive appearance. Brewing coffee with a french press is very easy to do, and provides a much more tastier cup, as opposed to automatic drip coffee makers. Cleanup is a bit more involved than with the Columbia model, but only takes a minute. Drip and other enclosed brewers collect mineral build up, which impacts the flavor of every cup. All of the parts of the french press are easily accessible and you can see the clean!

Bodum PEBO Vacuum / Syphon Coffee Brewer

buy bodum PEBO Santos vacuum syphon coffee brewerThe Bodum PEBO (formerly SANTOS) is one of my absolute favorite coffee brewers! It is an exceptional combination of practical coffee brewing and coffee theater.  Its effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee, while leaving the sediment behind. The syphon brewing process is practically dummy-proof with this product. You can brew between 4-8 cups in this 34 oz. coffee brewer. $80.00

AeroPress Coffee Brewer

buy aeropress coffee maker brewer onlineThe AeroPress may appear to be a piece of drug paraphernalia, but it is actually and easy to use, coffee brewer. Amazingly enough, the makers of the Aerobie Flying disc stumbled upon an exceptional way to brew coffee. Even the snobbiest of coffee snobs enjoy the affordable AeroPress brewer. I love this brewer, when paired with the metal DISK filter from Able brewing. It allows more flavor to enter the cup, instead of getting trapped in the paper filter. The AeroPress is about $26.00

Chemex Coffee Brewer

buy chemex coffee brewer coffee maker onlineThe Chemex is a classic coffee brewer, which looks like a glass pitcher with a funnel at the top. The filter is placed into the funnel portion, insert the coffee, then pour hot water onto the coffee. This method will highlight different aspects of the coffee, as compared to other brewers. It works best when paired with the Able Brewing KONE filter, but works well with the standard Chemex filters…provided they are thoroughly rinsed with hot water. This brewer is a must for any coffee nerd. The 8-cup size is about $40.


Coffee Grinders

A proper coffee grinder is the single most important addition to any coffee drinker’s collection. No other purchase can make such a dramatic impact in the cup, as a grinder does. The typical coffee grinder that most people own, are those with the little blades in the bottom. It looks like a mini blender. These are NOT acceptable. The reason is due to the fact that each method of brewing coffee, requires a very specific, uniform size of coffee grind. The blade types cannot produce uniform sized coffee particles. They also create a lot of dust, and this makes your coffee bitter. What you need is a burr type coffee grinder. This is the only way to achieve the necessary uniformity and consistency in your coffee grind. It is not uncommon to invest more into a quality coffee grinder, than into a coffee brewer. In fact, it is typical. Here are some economical options of burr type coffee grinders.

Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder

buy breville bg450xl conical burr coffe grinder onlineThe Breville BCG450XL is built a bit more sturdier than the Bistro, with more metal parts. The receptacle is made of plastic, but static is minimal. The little receptacle cover is somewhat susceptible to breaking at the hinges, so be aware of that. The unit will continue function just fine, but you’ll have to replace the lid with each use. I have owned or gifted 6 of these units, and have yet to get a negative remark. It is easy to maintain, just follow my tutorial. 🙂 Again, not recommended for espresso grinding, but this unit is great for daily brewing from Moka pot to Press Pot. Enjoy! $129.99

Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

buy hario skerton hand coffee grinder onlineBrewing espresso at home can require a significant investment into a grinder and an espresso machine. To make it easier, the Hario Skerton hand grinder may be a good fit for you. This unit grinds perfectly for espresso brewing, but will not set you back $500. This unit only costs about $40, but gets tedious if you are grinding for more than two shots at a time. The hand grinder is also an excellent option fro traveling, and brewing in your hotel or on the camp site wit your AeroPress!

Miscellaneous Coffee Gifts

If the person on your gift list is sufficiently equipped with a selection of brewers and an excellent grinder, hope is not lost in finding a great gift. These items are specifically chosen for coffee lovers at all levels, even super coffee geeks will be surprised at your informed purchase of one of these items!

Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

buy bonavita variable temp kettle gooseneck onlineThe Bonavita Variable Temperature kettle is the hottest item in coffee brewing, this year. Specifically designed for brewing with a Chemex, French press, or pourover methods, the Bonavita’s gooseneck spout allows for precise pouring and exceptional brewing. This kettle also features temperature control, to allow the user to achieve optimal brewing temperatures without having to use an external thermometer. (No more steam burns!) $89.99

Bodum Stainless Steel Travel French Press

buy bodum stainless steel travel french press onlineGreat coffee on the go is a tough do! With the travel french press, you will enjoy great coffee no matter where you are. Just bring along some extra coffee, and acquire some hot water. You will no longer have to suffer the woes of drinking the swill at the local diner. Order your breakfast with a side of hot water. This model is stainless steel as well as vacuum insulated, to keep your beverage hot. $18

Coffee Storage Container : CoffeeVac

buy tightvac coffee storage containers onlineFresh roasted coffee is packaged in sealed bags, with a one-way valve. This isn’t a vacuum seal valve, it is to allow the CO2 to escape the fresh roasted beans, while keeping the freshness killing Oxygen out! The same method is used with the CoffeeVac! It’s easy to open and close, and very economical. About $10, available in various sizes.

Planetary Design Double Shot Mug

buy planetary design double shot travel french press onlineAnother travel french press, but this one is different. It also comes with a second lid, which is a traditional lid. It also features a secret compartment, in the bottom, where you can store an extra dose of coffee grounds. The mug is sturdy, and the customer service of the company is excellent. I had one of the older designs, and the handle fell off. I had owned the mug for 6 months, and they replaced it with the new version, no questions asked.
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Coffee Kool Aid Man T-shirt : #Coffee

coffee kool aid man tshirt

Coffee Kool Aid Man!

I found this image of the coffee kool aid man, and traced it back to the original source, a great guy by the name of Dan Fluet aka Dansmash. He gave me permission to add the speech bubble and post it on my blog, which I am very grateful for. I was happy to see that he was selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and stickers with this awesome image. I know a lot of coffee nerds who would love to pick one up, so here’s the link.


Here are more products that I love…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday #Coffee Deals! [2012]

black friday and cyber monday coffee deals



Black Friday means getting great deals on holiday gifts, but it also means battling huge crowds and avoiding being the next trampled customer, featured on the late night news. If only there were a way to cash in on these bargains, without having the leave the house…Hmmm. Guess what? There is! Over the past several years, retailers have taken the ‘Black Friday’ bonanza, online! They’ve also capitalized on the trend of increased online purchases the Monday, following the US Thanksgiving weekend, which is now known as ‘Cyber Monday’. Here is a list of some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers from coffee related online retailers.


BODUM Black Friday Deals

FREE SHIPPING site wide at Bodum, with no minimum purchase. This promotion is available to be used in conjunction with any of the offers below, or items outside of them!
Bodum Coupon Code: BKFRIDAY Good through 11/26/12
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Last Minute Deal: Bodum Travel French Press 50% Off!


Bodum Travel French Press 50% Off!

Stainless steel Bodum travel french Press

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

This item may have sold out, but you can still save BIG at Bodum!

Been waiting to purchase a travel french press?  Your wait is over, as Bodum has announced a 3 day sale on their travel french press!  For just $15, you can brew a great cup of coffee on the go.  You can also use this dishwasher safe, stainless steel travel press as a regular travel mug.  Here is some information from the manufacturer on this mug…

TRAVEL PRESS SET Coffee maker with extra lid, vacuum, large, 0.45 l, 15 oz, s/s Orange:

Should you have to compromise on an excellent cup of coffee when you’re on the go? We certainly don’t think so, and that’s why we’ve combined the coffee maker with a travel mug. For those of you who need just one cup for your morning perk, the travel press might be the right choice. For all the others who prepare a large pot of coffee and bring one cup for the commute, the travel mug will do the trick. They’re both vacuum and made from stainless steel for maximum heat retention. Both have a closeable lid with a stopper for the opening. The slip-proof silicone band around them comes in beautiful colors. This Coffee maker furthermore comes with an extra lid!

Offer expires after 8/23/2012

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The Reuseable K Cup Filter :: How To Reuse K Cups

The Reuseable K Cup Filter :: How To Reuse K Cups

You may have read my post about the Pros and Cons of the K Cup, in which I explain that the ‘Cons’ of the Keurig brewer were; Control, Cost, Waste, and Quality of coffee.  We can eliminate all of these negatives with one product, the Ekobrew Reusable Kcup Filter.  Other reusable filters don’t have as big of a capacity as the Ekobrew.  Also, other filters only have one or two water injection points, the Ekobrew has a specially designed cone that fully saturates and extracts more evenly.

  • Quality of Coffee – Now you can use your own fresh roasted coffee!
  • Waste – You won’t be throwing away those used plastic K cups!  Reuse your K cup filter over and over again.
  • Cost – Save TONS of money by purchasing your coffee separately from your Kcups.  Buy coffee online, or from your favorite local roaster.
  • Control – Now you can control how strong your brew is.  The Ekobrew reusable filter is deeper than other reusable kcups, so you can make a strong cuppa joe!  We still don’t get to control the water temperature, or brew time, but you’re never going to get everything with the Keurig system.

This product isn’t going to make me suddenly love the Keurig coffee brewer, but it does offer an alternative for those who do.  I will still brew my coffee as I have always done, but now I know what I’m buying all of the Keurig lovers I know! 😀


From February 13th – 19th, visitors from will enjoy an exclusive savings of %20 off!  You must purchase through the links at, and also use the coupon code REUSEABLE20 in order to get the discounted price.  Even without the discount, this product will save you a bunch of money.  Not to mention, your coffee will taste much better!

buy reuseable k cup filter

More info from the manufacturer…

Product Details

Design & Functionality
The Ekobrew unit works on the same principles as the best espresso coffee machines. Optimum extraction of the best single serve drip coffee is a product of the perfect grind combined with the perfect amount of coffee to achieve the ideal coffee extraction.
1. Open Ekobrew lid
2. Fill with your favorite ground coffee and close the lid
3. Insert into Keurig holster and brew
With its low tamp dispersion cone the Ekobrew filter evenly soaks the coffee grounds for optimal extraction.

Stainless Steel
Polypropylene – BPA-free, polypropylene is commonly used for injection molding. It’s resistance to high heat generally makes it microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as a good option for food and beverage storage.

Projections for 2011 suggested that more than 5 billion K-Cups will be sold, used and then disposed of by consumers. These non-biodegradable K-Cups will, for the most part, end up in our landfills and never decompose.

About ekobrew
Eko Brands, LLC, a Seattle based company, began their mission to provide an ecologically responsible and less expensive solution when they introduced the Ekobrew in early 2011.

Single serve coffee is the fastest growing segment in the North American coffee market today. The Keurig single cup brewing system utilizes small disposable plastic and foil cups called “K-Cups” that hold ground coffee for brewing each cup.

Now there is an alternative that is greener, less expensive and provides far more choices – the Ekobrew Reusable Filter for Keurig single cup coffee maker.

Ekobrew brings you a new of single serve coffee – convenience with a conscience

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe

Ekobrew is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150 and B155

Customer Review of Ekobrew Reusable K Cup Filter

Excellent item – and thank God it exists

Rating by Gordon K – 12/2011

This work quite well. Make sure you use coffee of an appropriate grind (electric drip grind works well) – if too fine, it will clog up and overflow, very messily. The common blade-type grinder a lot of people use at home does NOT do a good job for this purpose, as it’s very hard to get a consistent grind of the right size with those – you’re better off buying your coffee ground, unless you have a burr grinder at home.  Frankly, I wish there were no need for this product – the fact that those Keurig-type coffee makers exist at all is an outrage against the earth – along with all the other senseless waste that seems to keep getting worse and worse. But given that we need to cope with that situation until people wake up, thank God it’s at least *possible* to get a re-usable container for them.

buy reuseable k cup filter

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