Maxwell House Is Clueless


Maxwell House Ignorance

Today, I saw this commercial for Maxwell House French Roast coffee, and I nearly cried from laughing so hard.  You have to watch it!!!!  There are several things that demonstrate the absolute ignorance of Maxwell House (Kraft Foods), when it comes to coffee.  The main character in the video is ‘Ted’.  Here is what Maxwell House puts as the description of the video.

Watch and learn how Ted puts a stop to ridiculousness and gets back to basics. -MaxwellHouseVideos channel

Ted wanders into an upscale restaurant with his arms filled with an auto-drip coffee maker, and a can of Maxwell House French Roast coffee.   He walks up to a table, where a

couple are seated and a waiter about to plunge a pot of French Press coffee.  He walks up to the waiter and lets out a “Kawshck” (that’s as close to typing it as I can get).  Ted obnoxiously states, “Is this what we’re doing now?” (motioning to the press pot) He continues “I love the French.  French fries, I love, French kissing.  They lost me at the French Press. ” The couple is obviously annoyed by this “Ted” dude.  He then makes another stupid comment, “I DON’T WANT A PLUNGER ANYWHERE NEAR MY COFFEE.”  As if the plunger from the press pot is somehow like a toilet plunger.  Then he pompously says, “Not in my house!”  He exalts the virtues of using Maxwell House, and letting “gravity do the work.”  What an idiot. I also love their tagline, “Stay Grounded”, no thanks I’ll stay whole bean thank you very much!

I left this comment on their YouTube channel and Facebook post, which asked “Do you agree?”.

The French Press is older than the autodrip coffee maker. Do some research before spouting such “ridiculousness”! If you want to ‘get back to basics’, try selling whole beans.

I can sum up my feelings about Maxwell House French Roast and the auto-drip brewer with their own phrase …”Not in my house!”

What do you think about this commercial?  Please comment below!  Have a great day c[_]


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