CoffeeNate #20: LIVE! … In the Trenches

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Howdy do my fellow coffee addicts?  This week I have two episodes back to back.  I’ll be posting another video this weekend 🙂  This is a video of my presentation at IgniteSault.  An ignite talk is where presenters give a 5 minute talk about a passion of theirs.  During this 5 minutes you have 20 slides that supposedly automatically change at 15 second intervals, so there is a lot of timing involved.  Well, I said ‘supposedly’ because, as Murphy’s Law, indicates whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and my slides advanced 2 at a time and then they were being manually adjusted by the presenter dude.  I programmed it correctly, it just got corrupted somehow when they converted to the other machine…oh well.  No biggie, just threw me off a bit and I missed some points.

This talk was “The 3 Keys” as I’ve spoken about before here.  There are three major factors that have such a significant influence on your coffee flavor that if you get one wrong, you get it ALL wrong!  I’ll talk about these individually on future episodes, but here is the ‘Reader’s Digest version’.  The three keys are…

  • Beans

Be sure to purchase quality whole bean coffee, never ground, and absolutely NEVER canned!  Check out my other videos for reviews of great coffee roasters.

Every brewing method requires a precise amount of grinding in order to achieve the optimum extraction of the coffee.  This can never be done with a blade grinder.  That’s it…that’s all!  I purchased my grinder months ago, and I love it.  It gets put through the wringer too, as I make coffee multiple times per day.  Typically, a quality grinder will run you about $300+, but this one is under $100!  Check it out here for the lowest price.

  • Brewer

It all comes down to this.  You have your beans and you gots your grinder, now what?  Two of my favorite, non-espresso, brewing methods are the French Press, and the Siphon Pot.  Both of these items are economical at less than $50.  A quality brewing method is easy, repeatable, and consistent.  Auto-Drip brewers are the worst…they are convenient, but they are also dirty and they filter out much of the flavorful coffee oils!

CoffeeNates Siphon Pot

CoffeeNate's Siphon Pot 🙂







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