How To Make Coffee With The AeroPress :: Inverted AeroPress Video Tutorial

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how to use the aeropress inverted method
Aeropress video tutorial :: How to Aeropress :: Aeropress Coffee

How to Use the AeroPress (Inverted Method)

When I started this blog, the first two videos were How To Brew Coffee With The French Press, and How To Brew Coffee With The AeroPress.  Admittedly, I was not on my game yet.  I have learned much since that time, and I have previously updated the French Press Tutorial, and now it’s time to set the record straight on how to PROPERLY use the AeroPress coffee brewer.  There are several techniques out there, but the one that I employ is easy for any Joe Schmoe to duplicate.  It produces a rich, flavorful cup of coffee, and does not involve any crazy tactics that will discourage you from using it on a daily basis.

When I first tried the AeroPress, I wanted to see what all of the hype was about.  People were, and still are, going crazy over this brewer.  I mean, how good can a coffee maker that is manufactured by Aerobie be?  These guys got famous by inventing a super duper frisbee for crying out loud.  Well, I was kind of disappointed when it was all said and done.  I strongly suggest chucking the included instructions into your recycling box.  I will never consent to brewing coffee at sub 190° F.  There were other things that highlighted their lack of coffee knowledge.  I pitched them long ago, or else I’d publish them.  In addition to the poor instructions, I also have an aversion to paper filters.  They rob the coffee of many of the flavorful oils, and I found the resulting brew to be exceptionally smooth.  Almost so smooth that I didn’t even know that I was drinking coffee!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a metal filter disk for the Aerobie AeroPress.  Alas, could I finally realize a superb cup of coffee from this highly esteemed brewing method?  I have put this filter to the test, and the results are all that I had hoped for and more!

How To Brew Coffee With The Aerobie AeroPress


What You Will Need

  • The Aerobie AeroPressmetal-aeropress-filter-able
  • Metal AeroPress Disk Coffee Filter
  • A narrow spouted kettle, such as the Hario Buono or Bonavita Electric Kettle
  • Digital Scale, accurate to the tenth of a gram
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Timer
  • 20 gr freshly roasted coffee : Grind may vary based on your brew, but I use a grind that is finer than drip and more coarse than espresso
    (Results will be less than desirable if using a blade grinder or preground coffee.  All brewing methods require a specific size of coffee grind, and it is imperative that all grinds be uniform in size.  Blade grinder can never achieve this feat.  If you cannot afford the $100 for a decent burr grinder, then invest $35 into a hand grinder.  You will be happy that you did!)
  • Coffee mug
  • A second mug or similar container

Step By Step AeroPress Instructions

  1. Wet the rubber piston and insert it into the brewing chamber about 1/4 inchAeropress video tutorial :: How to Aeropress :: Aeropress Coffee
  2. Stand the brewer upside down (look at the numbers)
  3. Place the black funnel over the opening
  4. Pour the ground coffee into the funnel
  5. Remove the funnel, start the timer, and slowly add the hot water
  6. Pour the water in a circular motion, ensuring that all of the coffee is saturated
  7. Fill to the top of the circle around the number “1”
  8. Slowly stir for about 10 seconds (Stir slowly to reduce the drop in brewing temperature)
  9. Place the filter disk onto the top of the brewer and secure with black filter cover by turning clockwise
  10. Wait until the timer reads “1:00”
  11. Carefully, with two hands, flip the brewer upright, and rest it on the top of your mug
  12. Apply slow, steady pressure on the piston (Like a giant coffee syringe)  Be sure you are pushing straight down, no angling
  13. When you get close to the bottom, you will begin to hear a hissing noise.  Remove the brewer from your mug when this starts.
  14. Use second container to finish pressing out the rest of the air and liquid.  Press very firmly.
  15. Remove the filter cover and filter disk
  16. Eject the spent coffee grounds into the second container or compost pile/bucket (Makes great fertilizer)
  17. Rinse the rubber piston with water before pulling it back through the brewer
  18. Enjoy!

You may wish to dilute the resulting brew with some of the remaining hot water, or heated milk/cream.  I love the full flavor brew, but it may be too strong for many.  This technique may have raised a few questions in your mind, and I invite you to share them in the comments below!  I choose to prepare the brew with the AeroPress inverted, because when using it upright, some of the coffee drips out way too early.  Especially since we are dealing with such a small amount of brew, it can have a negative affect on your finished product.  Inverting the AeroPress eliminates this issue.

I always use a digital scale to measure my coffee by mass rather than volume.  This is because lighter roasted coffees are more dense than dark roasts.  When you measure by volume, your results will be varied.  When measuring by mass, you will achieve a much more consistent result.


Video Resources:

AeroPress Coffee Brewer – Exceptional, affordable coffee maker

Metal AeroPress Coffee Filter– Allows precious, flavorful oils to pass, while blocking sediment

Digital Scale for coffee measuring – Lets you accurately measure coffee by mass rather than volume for more consitency

Hario Buono Kettle – Allows you to pour precisely

Digital Thermometer – Brew consistently by assuring proper brew temperature

GoCoffeeGo– A great place to buy excellent coffees from several different quality roasters.

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