Coffee’s Amazing Health Benefits

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How many times did you hear about coffee being ‘bad for you’?  For decades we have been bombarded by that very message.  Luckily for coffee lovers everywhere, the past few years, and as recent as last week, have unveiled the truth…COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU!  From what I’ve studied, the benefits of drinking coffee far outweigh any potential negatives.  This video talks about some of the highlights of recent studies.  Did you know that
drinking coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, and even boost endurance and brain function?  Below is a collection of just some of the stuff I’ve found recently.  You could spend days or weeks finding even more great news about the health benefits of drinking coffee.  The bottom line is that a multitude of highly respected health professionals are saying that we should not feel guilty about enjoying multiple cups of coffee per day, and it is even ‘good’ for us!


  • “Coffee contains over 2,000 different chemical components, including cancer fighting anti oxidants.”
    D. Hensrud; Mayo Clinic
  • %12 reduction in risk of development of head & neck cancers just for being a coffee drinker (2)

  • %33 reduction in risk of head & neck cancers for those who drink 4+ cups per day! (2)
  • %60 reduced chances of developing prostate cancer for men who drink 6+ cups of coffee per day! (3)
  • Women who drink 2+ cups per day see a reduction in the risk of uterine cancer. (3)
  • “Coffee intake is associated with a reduced risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer” D. Hensrud; Mayo Clinic


  • Recent studies show that drinking 5 cups of coffee per day protects the brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • A recent Finnish study, spanning decades, showed that those who drink 3-5 cups of coffee every day in their 40s and 50s, have a reduced incidence of developing Alzheimer’s disease in their 70’s by about %70!! (4)
  • 6 studies have indicated that you may be up to %80 less likely to get Parkinson’s disease if you enjoy coffee daily (10)
  • %50 reduced incidents of gallstones


  • High doses of caffeine increase muscle power and endurance by about %6 (5)
  • A study conducted last month indicates that those who drink coffee have better job performance than non-coffee drinkers (11)


  • A recent women’s study found that those who drink coffee were %22 less likely to develop diabetes than those who do not drink coffee.  The same benefit was realized with decaf. (6)
  • A study of men found that they were %54 less likely to get diabetes if they drank 6 cups of coffee daily (10)

I am not a doctor, nor do I even play one on TV, but this is what I’ve read, and I’ve included links to the specific stories.  I encourage you to ask your own health care professional if you have additional questions regarding any of the information provided.  I will likely expand on this topic and add to it in the future.  There is a century of bad information to combat, and I’m pretty sure this little post won’t eliminate the years of bad teaching all by itself! 😉

In other coffee news…

Have you ever been approached by some goofball trying to sell you instant coffee that is not only supposed to taste delicious, but also boost your libido?  Well, sadly I have…many times.  The product is called “Magic Power Coffee” and they market themselves as being a coffee and an aphrodisiac…well neither appear to be true.  This week the FDA studied this scammy product and found that it contained a drug called hydroxythiohomosildenafil, a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction.  This was not included on the list of ingredients, and if it had been, would’ve been illegal to sell person to person.  So I suppose the “Magic” in this glorified Sanka is not really magic at all.  In fact, it could be deadly for those taking the swill while being on nitrate meds.  If you turned your nose up at these bums, like I did many times, feel proud of yourself!

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