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K-cups Pros and Cons

Do you know what a Kcup is?  Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but by the time you finish reading this, you will know more about K-cups than most people do!  Kcups are the ammunition for the Keurig single serve coffee brewer.  The concept and design were birthed by Green Mountain Coffee in Vermont.  These brewers pump out one cup of coffee
at a time, and they do it by way of a unique brewing cup, known as the Kcup.  Each Kcup holds a single serving of coffee grounds, and a filter that is nestled inside of a cocoon of plastic and tinfoil.  The Kcup is placed inside of the brewer and when the brewer lid is closed, a metal spout pierces the foil lid of the kcup.  Hot water is then injected into the K cup and out comes the coffee.  Seems like an ingenious concept. 

The Keurig brewers are enjoying a huge wave of popularity, with the estimated total sale of Kcups to be in excess of 5 billion units this year!  But is the Kcup the right choice for your daily brew?  Here are some pros and cons to help you decide…

Pros 🙂

    • Convenience – The K cup offers single serve coffee in a flash.  What could be easier than inserting a pre-measured Kcup capsule and shutting the lid?best reuseable kcup filter


  • Cleanup – Simply remove the spent Kcup and dispose of it into the trash.



  • Prep time – No beans to grind, coffee to measure, or pre-brewing mess to clean.



  • Precise measure –  This is where %80 of coffee drinkers go wrong.  Many folks use far less coffee than they should when brewing.  The Keurig brewing method eliminates this problem.




Cons 🙁

    • Quality of Coffee – While the coffee in a Kcup is superior to other mass produced grocery store ground coffees, it is less than fresh.  K cups are airtight and fresh roasted coffee emits CO2 for 2 weeks after the roasting process.  If the coffee in the Kcup was fresh, they would explode.  The aging process of coffee is expedited when it is ground.  Whole bean coffee can last for weeks, while ground coffee will only remain fresh for minutes.


  • Control – There is no arguing the convenience of the Keurig brewer, but with convenience comes the loss of control.  You cannot alter the grind, water temperature, dosage, or steep time with the Keurig.



  • Cost – Kcup coffees cost about $1.50 $.80 per serving.  That is equivalent to paying $55 $30 per pound!  For that price you could enjoy some of the most exotic coffees the world has to offer for less than the mass produced Kcups.



  • Waste – Kcups are largely made of non-recyclable plastic.  While developed by a company that prides itself on their ‘Green’ image, this isn’t a ‘green’ method of coffee brewing…unless you are talking ‘greenbacks’.



So there you have it.  The pros and cons of the Keurig brewing system as I see it.  I do not enjoy the Keurig brewing system, but I can see its attraction.  It does provide a simple way to make one cup at a time, and does produce a better cup than what the majority of coffee drinkers presently subject themselves to.  The bottom line is that you must choose for yourself what you want in your daily cup.  For many the Keurig is the answer, but much better can be had if you are willing to take a few extra minutes. I recently posted a poll that inquired “I like Kcups because…”  The results were about what I expected.  With 108 unique responses this is how it played out… I like Kcups because…

  • I don’t like Kcups (44%, 48 Votes)
  • WTH is a Kcup? (28%, 30 Votes)
  • Convenience (19%, 20 Votes)
  • Taste (9%, 5 Votes)

A whopping 5 people answered “taste”, that says it all. The purpose of this post is not by any means to ridicule or demean those who love the convenience of this brewer.  If the cost and quality are acceptable to you, then more power to you, BUT if you are looking to experience a truly exceptional cup of coffee…for less money than the Keurig / Kcup setup offer…check out my posts on these better options for single serve coffee enjoyment!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have something to add?  Did I miss something?  Add your comments below and you could capture a prize of free coffee for your time!  I’m eager to hear what you have to think 🙂


Nate is a special kind of coffee lover. He began drinking the same swill that most others do, but thought there must be something better out there. Sure enough, he was right, even more so than he ever dreamed possible. He soon found his way into the specialty coffee industry, and was tasting exceptional coffees from dozens of roasters from around the country. He is now committed to teaching others how they can appreciate coffee, and how they can make the best coffee in town and save money at the same time! Cheers c[_]

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  • I got a Kcup brewer for Christmas. I enjoyed the ease of use. I wanted to use the My K Cup to avoid the waste and lower cost. I was really disappointed in the function of the M K Cup – made a big mess – and the poor quality of the brew. I ended up returning the entire set-up.

    • Would have been interesting to compare it to Nespresso, or other single-serve brands. I find that Nespresso tastes really good, but is still distinct from *real* espresso, though not necessarily worse.

    • Hello Greg 🙂 Thank you for sharing your Keurig brewing experience. You may have been able to avoid the mess with a coarser grind, but in the end you will still be falling short in terms of quality. An Aeropress, Hario V60, or Chemex will acheive much better results!

  • Rroehrig1

    Just a couple of comments about the K-Cups. I own a Keurig brewer and I can regulate the temperature of the coffee.
    While K-Cups are expensive, the average cost one will pay without discounts comes out to around .55 cents per K-Cup. Buying them off of supply houses on Ebay will easily bring them down to around .45 cents per cup. Even on the Keurig web site itself one can find some really good deals occasionally. I just ordered 4 boxes of various grinds and wound up paying .38 cents per K-cup. I typically fresh grind my own blend of coffee and use the “My K-Cup”. I can have a cup brewing within 40 seconds from the time I put the whole beans into the grinder. This is by no means inconvienent, plus the cost of grinding your own and the convienence of the Keurig brewer is fantastic.

    • Thank you for commenting. I was way off on the price per serving, and have updated the info with the price of Green Mountain’s line. This is still a very premium price. If you like this method then good for you, but much better quality is attainable with other methods.

      I do take exception with your comment about being able to regulate the temperature of the brew. So you have a Keurig brewer that allows you to brew at, say 202 degrees? Please share the model number of this brewer.

  • Would have been interesting to compare it to Nespresso, or other single-serve brands. I find that Nespresso tastes really good, but is still distinct from *real* espresso, though not necessarily worse.

    • Hi Jonathan! You are half right. Many of the ‘pod / capsule’ single serve brewers have the same cons, but there are single serve brewing methods that are some of the best brewing methods in the world! Chemex, Hario V60, AeroPress, just to name a few 🙂

      • Good point – I meant single-serve pod machines, not pour-overs or other machines that come in contact with fresh coffee grounds.

        As you write about the C02 – if it’s in a pod, it’s been sitting around!

  • Baser5nature

    I’ve pegged my cost per cup at only $.63

    • Thank you for sharing. I was incorrect as you already know. Green Mountain Kcups are about $.80, but there are cheaper varieties.

  • Good article Nate, however I disagree with your final point in the “Pros” list..

    Precise measure – This is where %80 of coffee drinkers go wrong. Many folks use far less coffee than they should when brewing. The Keurig brewing method eliminates this problem.

    The K-cups actually have less coffee than most people would use to brew a single cup with an AeroPress or Hario. I also don’t consider the measuring precise when the K-Cups use the same amount of coffee whether you select small, medium, or large cup size on the machine. Varying amounts of water, but the same low prescribed amount of coffee, equal extremely imprecise brew ratios. Consistent maybe, but imprecise.

    • I guess what I meant was ‘no need to measure’. People can choose the strength by the size of the brew. You are comparing this method to people brewing with Aeropress or V60…I was referring to autodrip peeps who don’t know what a Hario or Aeropress is 🙂 That is why I just now added links to my posts about these superior single cup methods. It’s all about perspective 😀

      • Agreed, I read that as well, but I could see it as being interpreted either way. I just wanted to clarify my thought on it.

  • Oldbat4-Pat Bishop

    We have a K-cup. I used to drink a couple pots of coffee a day. I only drink 2 to 4 cups a day now. As spring and summer gets here I will most likely only drink 1 cup. With the K-cup I’m not wasting a pot of coffee, I can fix my 1 cup and be happy. I feel so much better not drinking so much coffee.

    • Different strokes for different folks Old Bat Pat 😉 There are great methods of single serve coffee, but my opinion is that the Keurig isn’t one of them. If you like it and are pleased with it, then by all means stick with it. Some other methods are really inexpensive so you can dabble in them on the side 🙂

  • I have a Keurig and I’m not ashamed to admit it! LOL. There’s been some good K-Cup flavors, but also a lot of bad ones. For me it’s more about convenience in the morning when I have about 2.38 seconds to get ready and get out the door. Any other time it’s my French Press or something along those lines.

    I really, really wish that the makers of the K-Cups would start using plastic that could be recycled. Throwing away a 12 ounce bag of coffee once a week is bad enough. Throwing away a K-Cup after every use.

    • Thank you for sharing Mike. The Keurig does offer unrivaled convenience, but it is up to each of us to decide if it is worth the trade off in lack of freshness and waste. You would think that Green Mountain could come up with a way to make them more environmentally responsible. Especially since they are going to sell 5 billion of these babies this year. I’m sure there are enough profits there to pay for the development. Have a great Easter weekend Mike!!

  • I have friends that use the K-Cup systems and while the coffee is at least better than a new stale jug of Folger’s and the like, it certainly pales in comparison to what I can grind/brew with fresh beans on a daily basis. If coffee is just something you do rather than your passion than this is above average for a large portion of the masses. The price point has never impressed me and while I’m not a member of Greenpeace I do try and recycle and use responsibly whenever I can. My K-Cup Compadres still know that when they want an exceptional cup of coffee to come and see the RanMan…there is no comparison when it comes to taste.

    Thanks for the Pros/Cons Nate, really enjoyed it (not as much as the fresh Blue Mountain beans I just got straight from Jamaica, but…. 🙂

    • Well said my #coffee brother! We are in total agreement here. I’m not a tree hugger by any stretch, but why not be responsible where we can? Common sense. And yes, the Keurig coffee brewer is a step up for the majority of daily coffee drinkers who are currently using ground coffee in a gallon sized can. Nasty stuff 😛 Thanks for sharing!!

    • Well said my #coffee brother! We are in total agreement here. I’m not a tree hugger by any stretch, but why not be responsible where we can? Common sense. And yes, the Keurig coffee brewer is a step up for the majority of daily coffee drinkers who are currently using ground coffee in a gallon sized can. Nasty stuff 😛 Thanks for sharing!!

    • Well said my #coffee brother! We are in total agreement here. I’m not a tree hugger by any stretch, but why not be responsible where we can? Common sense. And yes, the Keurig coffee brewer is a step up for the majority of daily coffee drinkers who are currently using ground coffee in a gallon sized can. Nasty stuff 😛 Thanks for sharing!!

  • Loved your thoughts on this! I don’t have one personally (although the thought has crossed my mind…), but we do have one at work, and for mornings when I don’t have time to make my own, grab my own, etc. it FAR and away beats the typical pot of stale office coffee. 30 seconds to coffee is my kinda coffee. So, gotta say, love it at the office.

    • Hey Tara! If it’s good for you, then it’s good for you. Who can argue with that? While it is better than the typical pot of office coffee, much better can be had for sure. The K cup brewer is extremely convenient, and that cannot be argued. Have a great day!

    • Hey Tara! If it’s good for you, then it’s good for you. Who can argue with that? While it is better than the typical pot of office coffee, much better can be had for sure. The K cup brewer is extremely convenient, and that cannot be argued. Have a great day!

  • The thing that really gets me, is the fact that when Green Mountain Coffee stated back in the 80’s it was know to advocate Fair-Trade, Organic, Eco-friendly coffees. But since then it has grown into this corporate beast. It’s sad when a company that had such quality roots, decides to make it about the ‘bottom line’ rather than sticking to their original principles.
    ‘Yes’ K-cups are convenient, and ‘Yes’ they offer a speedy solution to the morning madness… but at what cost to our planet???

    • Hi Billy! As usual it all comes down to the almighty dollar. You would think that if they wanted to, Green Mountain Coffee could develop a recyclable kcup housing. They are going to sell 5 BILLION kcups this year. I’m pretty sure they can afford to sink a hundred grand into this project. I love their social responsibility in regards to coffee sourcing, but they need to put there money where their mouth is on this one to remain consistent. Thanks much for your comment.

  • CoffeeKing

    I find Variety to be another pro for k-cups. In a couple of different ways. First, the wide variety of available k-cup roasts, flavors, teas and specialty drinks in relationship to other single serve brew systems. That one is fairly obvious. The second is a bit more subtle but comes into play every day in my house. I like dark roast coffee, my wife likes flavored coffee and my daughter likes tea. With one machine and in a few minutes, all are various tastes are served. Little to no prep. No leftovers.

    • Fair enough, a couple of good points.

  • Coffee Store

    I myself have the machine but can not stand the coffee that they sell in the cups. I do like the ability to be able to make a cup quickly and on the run. It did take a while to play with the measurements when I was working with some of my own roasts, just due to the learning process, but once I got that down, there are no issues. I agree though most people do not use nearly enough coffee when they are brewing. I still love my french press, but the Kuerig works in a a pinch and in the mornings when I am on the run.

  • Sbrainar

    I will stick with my Senseo for convenience. I can use my own ground coffee using the Presto MyPod that I bought. I get it ready the night before and all I have to do in the morning is turn it on, brew, pour and I’m ready to go! 

  • jerry

    Their chai tea is yummy too.

  • Sandra

    I’ve tried the Keurig in a couple of places ( a shop, a doctor’s office waiting room) and find the machine irresistibly “sexy”: I suppose this is a “pro”. All of those little pretty little K-cups, no mess, so fast, so simple….But I would rather spend my money on and enjoy the superior taste of the best quality of beans possible. So I will therefore will stick with other, more tedious, brew methods.
    Thanks for the thoughtful article.

    • Thank you Sandra!  Yes, they are appealing machines for sure, but you are right that it is best to save the money and brew your own whole bean coffee.  Cheers c[_]

  • I think kcups are great. I agree with the pros that you have stated in your article although I don’t necessarily agree with one of your cons. You say that the quality of coffee is lower and although I do agree but only slightly. They are getting better and better quality kcups each day. More and more high quality coffee makers are making kcups that have great flavor. Yes the flavor might not be quite as good as home brewed but this is only slightly. It isn’t a big enough flavor difference to make a big enough deal about not using them in my opinion. I would highly recommend kcups to those who are looking for a great alternative to having to do it all themselves. There are also plenty of places on line that sell kcups for reasonable prices.

    • Thank you for your comment.  We are going to have to agree to disagree.  Whole bean coffee is far superior to any ground coffee.  You contend that Kcups are only slightly inferior, but you are surly not comparing them to premium whole bean coffees.  I can brew my own coffee in 4 minutes, not exactly an inconvenience for the cost savings and much improved flavor!  Fresh is ALWAYS better 🙂

  • We have one of these machines at work, so I vaguely knew what a KCup was, but not in so much detail as you’ve provided here! Thanks for the head’s up – I think I’ll stick to brewing at home from now on.

  • Yeah, these look pretty cool.  We just got some at work.

  • Rimpe6

    What about the Tassimo system.  What are your feelings on that machine??

    • My feelings about the Tassimo are the same as with any other pod brewing system.  You can do MUCH better for FAR less money! 

      • I agree with you but, for a lot of people, convenience, speed and ease of use will always win out. 

  • My Tassimo experience is limited to the Professional line. Overall, I think the Tassimo makes a fine, rich cup of coffee. I find the French Roast and Espresso to my, dark roast liking. There is a lot less variety compared to K-Cups especially if you prefer flavored blends. The pro line t-disc – Tassimo’s “pod” or “k-cup” – has a bar code on it which the machine reads so it know what you are brewing. This allows the user to easily make Cappuccinos, Lattes and other drink combinations using the available milk and chocolate syrup t-discs. It also automatically calcluates the amount of water needed for espresso shots but easily allows you to add less or more water to any brew. For workplace installations, the pro line has the added benefit or preventing employee theft of the t-discs. The bar-coded pro discs do not work in the home Tassimo brewers.

  • Pecangrove1

    I have been using k cups for some time. I love the flavors. Convenience is great. I also have the k cup reusable lids. You can rinse out your k cup and fill with your own fresh ground coffee and pop the new lid on. Yes, it does a couple of minutes, but, you get the best of both worlds. And, you are getting a few more uses out of the plastic cup.
    I also have a regular coffee maker and depending on my mood I can have either.

    • Oldbat4

      Where do you get the K-cup reusable lids. I’d like to get some. Think a person could save some money in the long run, I love our Keurig K cups maker. I have went from 2-3 pots of coffee a day to 2-3 CUPS of coffee a day, so what coffee I have needs to be good. We have 2 other coffee makers that my husband has going all day but his coffee is just colored water, I want coffee.

  • Thomas Raven

    I find it funny that you can condemn ALL K-cup coffees with one stroke.  Yes, many of them are bad, but there are a few very good coffees available for this system.  I suppose it all comes down to personal taste, but I can’t believe you’ve sampled everything on the market.

    You really should consider that the workplace is the perfect application of the Keurig system.  I bought one for my work because I enjoy decaf and everyone else wanted regular.  Now everyone can have what they want and none of it goes to waste.  Speaking of which, you do realize that there is waste involved in traditional drip coffee maker use too, don’t you?  Granted, it isn’t plastic, but it makes little difference when buried in the land fill.  They’ve dug up 20 year old phone books that are intact!

    • Thanks for the comment Thomas.  I “condemn all Kcups with one stroke” because they are subpar coffees, that are sold at a high premium price.  I don’t have to smell every rose to know what a rose smells like.  There are zero good coffees available in a Kcup.  The reason being is the Kcup itself doesn’t allow for fresh coffee to be used.  All Kcup packaged coffee is stale by definition.  Fresh coffee omits CO2 at a rate that would explode the airtight packaging.  Perhaps the coffee used was high quality prior to being ground and processed into a Kcup.  Once the coffee is ground, the degradation of flavor is increased exponentially.  That is why you should brew your coffee within minutes of grinding it.  Are Kcup brewers convenient?  Obviously, but when compared to traditional brewing methods, such as the french press, it is far from a good cup of coffee.  Compared to Folgers?  Sure  It depends on the consumer, and what their normal coffee experience is.  Chances are that if they brew canned coffee with an autodrip, then they will really like the Kcups.  True coffee snobs (lovers) will scoff at Kcups because they know what coffee is supposed to be like.  We also know that for the same price, we can brew the most exceptional coffees in the world.  There are single serving brewing methods that make excellent coffee, but the Kcup (or any other pod brewer) is not one of them.  Thanks again for sharing your opinion, which does speak for many coffee drinkers. 

    • I forgot to mention your argument that an autodrip also produces waste, just doesn’t hold water.  The filter from a drip brewer is extremely small and is biodegradable.  You can also put the spent grounds in your garden for an excellent way to improve the soil.  I use a french press, and the only waste is the grounds.  Kcups will be sitting around for thousands of years. 
      The bottom line is that this brewer is great if your top concern is convenience, and you aren’t accustomed to drinking fresh roasted coffee. 

  • Anonymous

    My dad just bought one of these for my mom. Even before they got it, I knew that going home for a visit meant sub-par coffee (I’ve tried to change their ways but it never sticks). Anyway, they still have their other coffee maker but I decided to give the kcup a try. Although it was super convenient, the coffee wasn’t so great. They have the Keurig MyKcup that does allow you to brew regular coffee as well but I can’t really see them using it since the Kcup is so fast. I got by with it by putting Bailey’s Irish Cream in it to even out the taste a bit. I too, didn’t like the waste that comes from the cups themselves. It just felt unnecessary. I will stick to my coffee but am expecting this stuff when I visit for Christmas.

    • Thanks for sharing, Amy!  You are so right.  The waste from Kcups is crazy and unnecessary.  You’d think with the billions of dollars made, they could develop another way.  Oh well, at least you have the Bailey’s! 

  • Denny Vorhees

    My wife bought me a K-cup machine for Christmas in 2010.  BEST GIFT EVER!!!  I drink a pot of coffee in the morning then I drink a few cups during the day.  Instead of brewing a second pot and letting it on all day, I can pop in a K-cup and have a good fresh cup of coffee.  

  • Epicurianne

    It seems that the Keurig machines manufactured 3 yrs ago were better quality than the ones made today.  My daughter bought a second one 6 months ago and it already stopped working.  I have heard this complaint from others as well.  Who wants to purchase a coffee machine that costs $150 or more and have it break down within 6 months.  When my Keurig doesn’t work anymore, I am switching to Cuisinart who stand behind their products.  

    • Green Mountain/Keurig are in the business of selling k-cups. That’s where they make their money. The brewers are simply the delivery system. If her brewer failed within 6 months, I would be very surprised if GM/Keurig wouldn’t replace it for free. They want to keep you buying k-cups.

  • Michael Stringfellow

    Great pros & cons.. if you really want the best of both worlds, just get the re-usable filters and grind your own high quality, freshly ground coffee.. one cup at a time… for me, I like the Keurig K-cup system, because when I want a quick cup..i get it…if I have time..i grind and get a high quality cup..

  • We have had the Keurig mini for two years. We usually use the reuseable filter one which you have to clean all the time. The one made by Keurig is aluminum. I am trying to find a stainless steel one. The coffee flavor is okay as you can choose your coffee better with the reuseable filter. I did forget to put water in twice and Keurig said that wouldnt ruin it however  it has a burnt taste ever since. Should probably get a new one. I like the aeropress better as you can cold brew and get more antioxidents in your cup of coffee. The convenience of K-Cups makes for a fast cup of coffee. Since they have 5 billion sold they must put out a good cup of coffee. I would probably opt for a Capresso. I use the Keurig to make my Mom coffee.

  • Dan

    Horrible customer service….
    I had my brewer for 2 years now and having trouble with short cups. I’ve gone through all the support suggestions and have been doing the cleaning at least once a week since the trouble started.

    I am sure there are other customers who are like me and need that first cup of coffee in the morning but when you hit the button and expect a full cup of coffee you get a half cup. How frustrating is that to start your day.

    I sent an email to customer service and they came back with providing me a username and password for login and suggested I go through the on line help which I clearly stated in my email that I’ve done this. So I decided to call, this was just as useless. The rep tells be to go through the support FAQ and if still have the same problem buy another one. This is more frustrating as I asked if they have any kind of repair option and they said no. So if you want to spend $150.00 and about .75 cents per cup of coffee and get 2 years out of your brewer go ahead a buy one – It Great. If you don’t have money to burn then don’t buy this product.

  • B

    I hate how if you want tea or coco it still has a coffee taste

  • nic

    So I received a kuerig single serve k-cup brewer for Xmas and very soon after was disappointed. The coffee was always extremely bitter and I tried at least 10 varieties . It wasn’t until I tried Kroger’s private selection brand k-cup compatible coffee pods that I fell in love with this machine. The coffee no longer had the bitter taste and was actually better than any drip machine I have ever used. These pods come in a variety of flavors and are much more affordable than its counterparts. The only down side is that each pod is not individually sealed against the elements so once the bag is open I would advise placing it in the freezer to maintain that fresh ground coffee taste. It is still just as simple as pulling the bag from the frezzer and taking a pod out to brew, no need to thaw because with no moisture coffee doesn’t freeze. I hope anyone who is considering giving up on their kuerig will give this a chance because I can assure u that it can make an excellent cup of coffee with the right products and unfortunately those products are not of the kuerig brand. First time posting anything but just felt the need to get the information from my experience out there. HAPPY BREWING and hope this helps!

  • Dante

    Personally, not a fan of the K machine, but I can see how if you’re used to Folgers in a bad maker with mediocre tap water, it’s a big step up. If you want a quick cup in the morning, simply make yourself a large batch of concentrate in a Toddy ($40 or less) with spring water or filtered water on the weekend (steeps 12 to 24 hours, then just put it into a container in the fridge). You can have a concentrated shot that is almost like espresso, add hot water to make an Americano, or pour over ice with milk to make a lovely iced coffee for the road – great for the Summer! Takes less time than a K-cup and it’s less acidic and less expensive both per cup and to purchase, and you have FAR less waste over time as you aren’t constantly throwing out the plastic cups, and it’s also easier to compost the grinds in one batch Sunday night than 1 cup’s worth every day.

    My advice, give your K-cup machine to someone who drinks truly awful coffee, buy a Toddy, pre-steep your concentrate, and make your (far superior and less acidic) cup in a matter of seconds every morning.

  • Rachel

    What a bunch of coffee snobs!

    You do know you can grind your own coffee for the keurig … In a reusable filter.

    But if someone likes the Kcups, what’s it to you. First you say “I don’t like it … But that’s me.” Then you try to make everyone who likes it feel bad!

    • Rachel, I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel bad about liking their Keurig. I am providing the Pros and Cons for the K-cups. Sometimes, people’s judgement gets clouded when something is trendy. In this case, convenience is winning out compared to quality. If you like it, fine, but there are much better ways to make coffee that are available to you, and you can save a lot of money.

  • Robert Ferry

    Thanks for the advise from everyone. I think I will buy some beans, grind them myself in the morning and load them into my reloadable KCup cheater baskets. That way I save and get fresh coffee together. Anyone try this yet?

    • R.G. Woodall

      I did. Coffee by Keurig still tastes like swill. There is a subtle funky plastic/silicone understate to it. Anyway, I’m sticking to my French press and my vacuum/siphon coffee maker. A much more superior tasting coffee. My rankings are #1 French press, #2 siphon/vacuum, #3 cold brew, #4 all glass stovetop percolator, #5 drip coffee, #6 pour over coffee, #7 Keurig (only if all you care about is getting caffeine into your body, and not taste).