Healthy Coffee Scam!

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“Healthy Coffee”…have you seen this garbage?  I think it is quite comical how these Amway type ‘coffee’ sales people try to pedal their nasty swill to people who drink specialty coffee.  Talk about a waste of time!  This is akin to trying to sell Boone’s Farm to a group of wine aficionados, or trying to deal Swisher Sweets to a person who only smokes Cuban cigars.  So it was difficult, but when I was sent a few samples of these beverages, I kept an open mind and decided to only judge them based on flavor.  After all, if it tastes good, who cares right?  So here are the ‘coffees’ that I tried…

° TAZZA Di Vita: You know…you just KNOW that if a coffee is packaged in a packet of powder, it’s not going to be pretty.  Really, coffee is supposed to be brewed, not rehydrated.  

° JAVA FIT: This stuff is absolutely comical!  The package says cool terms like “Brain Boost” and “Mental Clarity”, yet never indicates that these are benefits of drinking their beverage!  The bottom line is that this is a gross tasting coffee that is way over roasted, mixed with some type of vitamins and tastes like a multi-vitamin dissolved in your coffee. Yuck!

Probably the most popular of these so called ‘healthy coffees’ is the Organo Gold Coffee.  This is yet another instant powdered coffee, that is unnaturally transformed into a powder and infused with ‘special’ ingredients.  A quick search of the google machine will show you that they only people claiming that this stuff tastes great and provides any benefit, are those who are trying to coax you into becoming one of their distributors.  I don’t care how it tastes, this is NOT coffee!  There may be some coffee in it, but to anyone who appreciates the sacred bean, it is quickly identified as an imposter!

Healthy Coffee Scams…why the front?

If your ‘coffee’ is so great, then why do you people feel it necessary to spam everyone and their brother?  No matter what your product is, if you market it like ‘male enhancement’ drugs, nobody wants to buy it!  Stop sending me emails begging me to promote your website that you invested 37 seconds into,  stop spamming my comments with your links (which will never be displayed anyway), and stop sending me twitter messages telling me how great your ‘special’ coffee is.  You are barking up the wrong tree when you approach real coffee lovers.

I also find it unethical how the business plan of this product is being heralded by its pundits as a path to riches beyond your wildest dreams.  First of all, a business is only as good as its product.  Second of all, the overwhelming majority of dealers in this junk will never even make a profit!  At $20/lb, the price of this ‘healthy coffee’ is ridiculous!  You can purchase the finest coffees this world has to offer for LESS than what this disgusting brew sells for.  It is unimaginable that anyone would ever pay wholesale prices for this stuff, and far less likely that anyone with any type of sense would ever dream of paying retail for it!

REAL Coffee IS Healthy!

Newsflash McFly, real natural coffee is ALREADY healthy!  Coffee is packed with cancer fighting antioxidants, chemicals that ward off disease, and also has been proven to stave off Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes, and much more.  (Earlier post on the amazing health benefits of coffee!) The fact that you people believe that processing a natural product makes it healthy is laughable.  What region is ‘healthy’ coffee grown?  Who grows your beans?  What processing method is used to remove the fruit?  What elevation is it grown?  You will not be able to answer any of those questions.  Why?  BECAUSE THE HEALTHY COFFEE MOVEMENT IS A SCAM!  The truth is that it is a hodge podge of low grade coffees from anywhere, and they are depleted of any notable characteristics of coffee in the name of making them healthy.  What a joke!


So , have YOU tried any of these ‘healthy’ coffees?

What was your experience?

Have you been a distributor of any ‘healthy coffee’ brand?…if so, are you rich now?


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