CoffeeNate Episode #1 : The French Press

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Wow, after weeks of waiting with baited breath you are about to embark on the online coffee revolution!  My set has been turned into a construction zone which severely hampered efforts to get this site off the ground, but NO MORE EXCUSES!  I’ve put the distractions aside and have produced the first CoffeeNate video.  This week I am covering a simple brewing method that produces a superior tasting cup of coffee.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a brewer to make a great tasting, high quality cup of coffee!  The French Press is a very underrated way of making coffee.  Follow the simple instructional video guide and you’ll be making your own tasty joe in minutes.  One of the most important things you will need is

a quality grinder!  I don’t care how much it is, if your grinder has blades in it THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!  If you have used a blade grinder you know what I’m talking about.  You’ve gone to throw the used grinds into the trash and you see what appears to be full beans, or close to it, in the filter!  It’s true, you will still have huge chunks and at the same time have coffee dust in your grind…not good.  The dust creates a super bitter taste that you would probably blame on the beans if you didn’t know better.  With a burr grinder you simply select from fine to coarse and the grinder will produce a uniform sized particle that produces the flavor you are looking for.  Tune in next Sunday for episode two where I will explore an innovative brewer that takes the concept of the French Press a step further thus producing a smooth flavor that brings out the full potential of your beans.

I featured the Kicking Horse Coffee roasters line of coffees in this video.  I have always loved the dark smokey sweetness of the Kick Ass blend!  Until just recently, Kicking Horse Coffee was only available in Canada, but now…finally…you can buy Kicking Horse Coffee in the USA too!  You will also save an additional %25 when you use the coupon code KICKINGH. I know you will enjoy this great line of coffees as much as I do.  You’ll love the Kick Ass coffee if you like a deep luxuriant roast, but if you like something a little lighter, I suggest Three Sisters blend.  Enjoy 😀

Just a little word of caution. If you continue to follow this video blog you will become a ‘Coffee Snob’.  You will no longer be satisfied with the gas station brew and you will find yourself turning your nose up at Tim Hortons’ ‘coffee’.  On the other hand, you will know the difference between mediocre coffee and a quality cup.  It’s not just the beans…or the ginder…or the brewer…it’s everything working together that give you that satisfying taste to get you through the day, and you will find how to create it here, at!  See you next week.

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