CoffeeNate #25: Making Espresso Is Easy

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Helloooo coffee friends!  This episode I will show you just how easy it is to make your own espresso at home.  Some people think that espresso is a special kind of bean, other say it’s a unique type of roasting, but the reality is that espresso is simply a brewing method.  The best way to brew coffee is to make espresso!  So, how can you make espresso at home that is better than from the cafe?  Want to make espresso based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos at home for less money than a cup of gas station coffee?  Then you

have come to the right place!   Espresso is created by using a finely ground coffee and extracting the flavors with 15 bars of pressure.  The pressure is what creates the espresso beverage, and perfectly extracts the best of the beans.  Buy why pay $6 per day on your favorite espresso drinks when you can buy an espresso machine and save tons of money?  The only reason would be fear of the unknown.  Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t make my own espresso either.  I bought a middle of the line machine (Breville 800ESXL) and gave it a whirl.  What I found is that I could really make espresso that tasted far better than the local cafes!  The cool part is that I can use whatever type of coffee I want, and I can save about $5.75 per drink…paying this toy off in less than 3 months!  Watch the video and ask a question if you have any.

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