CoffeeNate 15 : The ‘Mc’Spresso Experiment

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I was originally set to shoot a vac pot tutorial video this week, but plans change. 🙂 I have been bestowed the honor of joining Scott Jangro and Todd Crawford on their podcast show, CoffeeCast! You can listen to the show at or on iTunes in the days to come. During their last show, Scott and Todd were talking about McDonald’s McCafé offerings. It was quite surprising to see a fast food establishment decide to offer espresso based drinks! Let’s face it, Mickey Dees employs many young teens, who are not exactly knowledgeable baristas! I’ll refer to these MCD employees as McBaristas.

McDonald’s was a pioneer as far as franchising goes. The concept of the franchise is to make a product that is virtually identical in appearance and taste no matter which store it may have been purchased from. They have mastered this in all of their products…until now. There are only two McDonald’s restaurants in my town, both of which offer the McCafé products. The taste and appearance of the espresso from one establishment to the other was astounding! I ordered an espresso and a latté at both stores, but the similarities ended there. The espresso at location number one was literally like drinking cigarette butts, with actual grounds in the drink. Mmmmm 😛 Location number two was a delightful surprise. The espresso from that McDonald’s was excellent, strong without bitterness…it packed a flavorful punch, without a lingering aftertaste. 😀

Free Coffee...never a bad thing!

Free Coffee...never a bad thing!

Even if some McDonald’s locations are able to make acceptable espresso drinks, they really need to work on that consistency, and spend more time training their staff. They should also teach their staff about coffee drinks in terms of common names of the drinks. I’ve ordered a coffee with two shots of espresso added and these people look at me like I am a freak of nature when I pull up to the window. I quickly look into my rear view mirror thinking ‘perhaps there is a booger hanging out of my nose’, but no…they are just in awe of my concoction. One more thing McBaristas do that really pulls my chain is pronounce espresso (eXXXpressoh) THERE IS NO “X” PEOPLE! :\

Next week I will be featuring a Vac Pot tutorial! I just received my Bodum Vac Pot last week and I can’t wait to tell you how awesome it is! I will show you how to use the vac pot / siphon pot as well as offer my review of the Bodum Santos.

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