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Espresso…the purest form of the coffee beverage. No other brewing method holds the mystic, flavor, and esteem as does the coveted espresso. It is truly sad that an estimated %80 of coffee shops don’t even know how to properly brew this great drink! Espresso is unparalleled in the way it exposes the coffee for what it is…there is nowhere for subpar beans to hide. This drink has been enjoyed by the elite, and it has not been very practical for the regular ‘Joe’ to enjoy a genuine espresso for a reasonable amount of effort, or for a reasonable price…until now!

There must be a million different ‘espresso makers’ out there. There are a few that are capable of brewing a good espresso in the home for under $500. These traditional machines also require a certain amount of care and can be a hassle to deal with for just a single drink. There are a few portable espresso makers on the market. I haven’t had the pleasure of using them all, but some are really gimmicky and do nothing more than make concentrated miniature coffees…not espresso. Moka Pots, make good coffee, but they are NOT an espresso ‘maker’.

What is espresso? It is NOT a type of coffee bean…NOT a type of roast…NOT a blend of beans. Espresso is a method of brewing coffee, in which pressurized (9atm) hot water is forced through a bed of finely ground coffee. Yeah, that’s it. Well it sounds simple enough, it frequently isn’t. There are some things you have to do in order to get a great tasting beverage, but if you follow my video you will quickly be on your way, and the MyPressi Twist can lend a hand.

I have to admit, I was quite skeptical when I first saw this little gizmo. How in the world could the MyPressi Twist create a real espresso, it looks so odd. Let me tell you, with my very first shot I was absolutely blown away! It was after testing out the MyPressi twist that I learned how it captured the honorable award of Best New Consumer Product of 2009, bestowed by the SCAA.

What makes the MyPressi Twist so impressive?
Sophisticated engineering, and practical simplicity. While much planning and execution when into the MyPressi Twist’s design and function, it is so simple to prepare, use, and clean. That is the real value. Not only can you create a drink that rivals the most upscale coffee houses, but you can do it simply…and clean up within seconds!

Why I bought a MyPressi Twist and why I think you should too!
Value. An espresso based drink at ANY cafe will run you about $4. Not only are you paying a premium price, you are rarely getting a premium beverage. The MyPressi Twist saves you lots of jack, and you won’t have to wait in line for a coffee drink that is not as good as what you can make at home! At only $169, the MyPressi Twist is an absolute BARGAIN! I ended up emailing the company and begged them to let me purchase the test model they had shipped me!

Performance. Not only is the price reasonable, but the MyPressi Twist created the absolute best espresso that I have had this side of Intelligentsia! Throw in the fact that I live 500 miles from the nearest Intelli, I’ll take a MyPressi Twist πŸ™‚ It is also very quick from start to finish. It takes about 5 minutes to go from thinking about having an espresso to drinking one. Just boil some water, grind the coffee, and you are on your way. (watch the video for some helpful tips)

All of the science of the MyPressi Twist is in the handle. The Twist is powered by N2O, Nitrous Oxide, just like those cans of whipping cream at the grocery store. The N2O is delivered by small cartridges that fit into the handle of the Twist. The Twist if designed to step down the pressure from the cartridge to exactly the right pressure, essential for espresso brewing. Each canister provides enough juice to brew about 4 double shots. While you can certainly purchase extra cartridges from MyPressi (and they recommend that you do so) they did update the Twist to be able to accommodate CO2 cartridges that are readily purchased at discount and sporting goods stores.

Honestly, I have only one slightly negative comment to make about the Twist. Temperature. It is a bit difficult to generate the temperature conducive to proper brewing (195-205 degrees) What I have found that works best is to preheat all of the metal parts of the brewer. This is quite easy to do as the unit disassembles in a snap. Just pour boiling water over all of the metal parts, with the exception of the brew basket. Fill the reservoir bowl with boiling water. After you empty the bowl of the preheating water, refill with boiling water. I use boiling water for brewing as it helps to retain the heat. When you transfer water from one container to another, temperature is decreased, so no worry here of scorching your grinds.

So you want to see it in action? Just watch the video. πŸ˜‰ I won’t bore you with a repeat of the step by step instructions, so here is the brewing guide provided by MyPressi. πŸ™‚ Right now, if you purchase a MyPressi Twist from their website, you will receive a MyPressi Milk Frother for no additional charge! That’s a $20 value and will help you make a great lattΓ©. Here are a few cool recipes provided by MyPressi;

Americano: the perfect morning cup


  • 6-8oz of hot water
  • 2oz espresso
  1. Preheat your TWIST with freshly boiling water.
  2. Fill one or two coffee mugs (depending on how many you are making) with boiling water about 3/4 full.
  3. Empty the water used for the preheat and fill with the water for your shot.
  4. Pull the espresso directly on top of the water in the coffee mugs. It will drop in and the bubbles in the crema will then float it right back to the top, giving each cup a delicious, flavorsome crema-topped awesomeness.
  5. Add sweetener and milk or cream if desired and enjoy.

Twistini: the ultimate espressotini


  • 2oz of your favorite vodka
  • 2oz Baileys Original Irish Cream
  1. Prepare standard filter basket with ground coffee. You will need a slightly coarser grind than when using water for the shot.
  2. Heat water bowl with boiling water.
  3. Heat vodka on stove. Take care you don’t overboil or heat near naked flame.
  4. Dump water from bowl and replace with vodka.
  5. Pull shot directly into ice-filled cocktail shaker.
  6. Add other ingredients, shake or stir and serve in a fancy small shot glass or martini glass.

Simply Red: tea with a twist


  • 2oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • 1 basket of red espresso
  • 1/2oz Organic honey
  1. Prepare coarse filter basket with red espresso.
  2. Cover ice in ice shaker with honey.
  3. Heat water bowl with boiling water.
  4. Heat 2oz of gin on stove. Take care you don’t overboil or heat near naked flame.
  5. Dump water from bowl and replace with gin.
  6. Pull shot directly into ice-filled cocktail shaker.
  7. Enjoy a delicious new cocktail, perfect for a warm summer’s day.

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