Sudden Coffee Review : I Can’t Believe I Drank Instant Coffee!

Sudden Coffee Reivew

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Sudden Coffee Review

I get daily requests to try a coffee in hopes that I’ll publish a review. I’m always happy to try new coffees and equipment. Come on, who’s going to turn down free coffee?

I don’t take joy in posting negative reviews, so the vast majority of products that fall into the “convenient coffee” category never see the light of day on my site. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I tried the samples of Sudden Coffee’s instant coffee products. These are specialty, single-origin coffees roasted by notable vendors like Equator Coffee Roasters and Intelligentsia. Not what you would expect from an instant product.

I’m definitely not going to suddenly (see what I did there?) say that I’m switching to instant coffee, but when compared to Starbucks’ VIA, Keurig K-Cups, or any other quick & easy method of creating a cup of coffee, Sudden Coffee is my choice in a pinch.

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When I took the “VIA Challenge” at Starbucks, I instantly knew which cup was the freshly brewed coffee and which was the instant. The cup of VIA spewed an odor of chemicals and that’s exactly how it tasted, too. As Ron Burgundy would say, “It stings the nostrils…in a bad way.”

I expected a similar experience with the Sudden Coffee product, but what I experienced was a shock. The aroma was pleasant and clean, not nearly as rich as my usual, strong brew from a french press and home-ground beans, but far superior to the majority of restaurant coffees and certainly better than any capsule brewing system I’ve tried.

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The taste of the medium and light roasts was smooth, pleasant, and extremely clean. I had to reduce the amount of water used to provide the strength that I prefer, but 6 ounces of water will be fine for most coffee drinkers. When compared to what my in-laws consider as freshly brewed coffee, Suddenly Coffee comes out way ahead.

Suddenly coffee is miles ahead of the mass-produced brewed coffees like Maxwell House, Folgers, etc. As mentioned before, it also beats out the other convenient coffees like K-Cups, capsules, or any other instant I’ve tried. I wouldn’t say that Suddenly Coffee will replace the daily process for specialty coffee drinkers, but there are several instances where Suddenly Coffee is an outstanding option.

Consider using Suddenly Coffee when you are

  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • On-the-go

How to get Suddenly Coffee

Suddenly Coffee is primarily sold via a subscription model, although you can purchase one-time orders of 8 or 48-cup packages. The most economical option is the 24-cup pouch, which comes out to $1.75 per cup. Here are a few options…

  • Use Suddenly Coffee coupon code SUDDENLOVE to get $4 off one-time order of $24+
  • Subscribe to the program (shipments every 1-6 months) and get free shipping. Cancel anytime
  • Order the FREE Trial 2-pack, only pay $3 for shipping


Except for the 24-cup pouch, Suddenly Coffee comes in premeasured doses in plastic vials. At first, I thought that was a lot of plastic waste, but quickly discovered that the packaging is made of compostable PLA plastic. You can learn more about Suddenly Coffee’s sustainability practices here.

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