CoffeeNate #18: What is Kona Coffee?

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Ahhh, it’s good to be back!  Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve published a video, and I was really feeling it.  This video is full of great info about Kona coffee, but admittedly so, it’s a bit dry.  I didn’t really notice until I was finished, but I seem a little on the mopey side…not at all the case, but video tends to require a little more pizazz.  Okay, enough ripping myself…

Kona coffee….what is it?….why is it so freaking expensive?…is Kona coffee worth the huge price tag?  Those are the questions I am [Read more…]

CoffeeNate 14: How To Win FREE Coffee!

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Well as we say goodbye to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we will take this time to look back at what he’s contributed to the coffee world.  Nothing…okay moving on. 😉  This video details the new format for the monthly free coffee giveaway at!  Each month will be sponsored by a coffee company and you can earn multiple entries by [Read more…] Episode #11 : The Cold Brewing Method / SpeakEasy Coffee Review

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EDIT: Wow, this video is brutal! Haha. I look like I’m scared to death of the camera. I really need to redo this one (as with most of my early vids). You will find a better cold brew tutorial, which uses the Toddy cold coffee brewer at this link.

Howdy, welcome back to to learn about Cold Brewing Coffee.  In most areas of the country it is starting to get pretty hot and sticky this time of year.  Who wants to add any heat to the house, or even drink a hot drink for that matter?  Maybe you just want to experiment and try a change of pace.  If that describes you, then cold brewing coffee is right up your alley!  This was an interesting adventure, because there are no hard and fast rules to this method of brewing java.  I experimented with brewing it in milk vs. water, water temps, in the fridge, room temp, various grinds etc.  It was lots of trial and error and I was close to thinking that this method just wasn’t for me, I’m too much of a coffee snob to appreciate the cold brew.  Alas, I found the right combination of factors to produce a suitable brew.  This video details how to brew cold coffee from start to finish.  Here are a couple of recipes that [Read more…]

CoffeeNate Episode #10 : Dean & Deluca and Burr Grinder Reviews

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>>Breville Conical Burr Grinder<<

Hello, and welcome back to, I’m so glad you have joined me!  Today, I did a tasting and review of Dean & Deluca’s Dark Roast House Blend .   This blend is a complex mix of four origin varieties.  The dark roasting process does diminish the majority of the distinctive quality of the beans, but there is a detectable complexity.  Heavy bittersweet chocolate, smoke, and toffee notes, followed by a long and pronounced cocoa finish.  The acidity is bright, and it is full bodied coffee, meaning a heavy mouth feel. Dean & Deluca offers a wide array of quality culinary products, and their coffees and teas are just the start.  The price point is reasonable at $15 per pound, but the shipping is a bit high at $6.50 for this purchase.  If you buy 2 bags, then shipping is $8.50 and brings the per pound price down to $19.25.  Many companies ship in 12 oz packages, so there is the advantage of receiving %25 more than the common weight.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dean & Deluca coffee is Fair Trade and certified organic!  Their website and product information made no note of either, but this product carries the certification seals for FT and USDA organic.


Dean & Deluca Coupon Code

Two months ago my lovely boys smashed my coffee grinder. I was initially infused with burning hostility, but I quickly

[Read more…] Episode #8 : Home Roasting Series #2 |The Skillet Method

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Green Coffee Source

Welcome back to!  This week features a simple method of roasting green coffee in the convenience of your kitchen.  All you need is some green coffee, a covered heavy gauge covered skillet, and a metal collander.  Last week I showed you how to roast using an airpopper, this method makes it easier to reach greater depth in the roasting process.  I found that roasting in the popper was difficult to progress beyond the first crack.  I believe that some machines reach higher temparatures, and perhaps roasting outdoors in a northern cliamate may have contributed to this.  Either way, I found the skillet method more consistent once you learn the smells, appearances, and sounds of roasting.  Roasting coffee in a skillet on your stove top is very easy, it [Read more…]