Nate’s Top 5 Misused & Abused #Coffee Terms

misused coffee terms

Misused Coffee Terms

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Strong coffee“…”Bold coffee” These as well as other coffee related terms have been misused and abused over and over, making it very [Read more…]

Meet CoffeeNate at CoffeeCon 2013! :: Win FREE Tickets To #CoffeeCon


CoffeeCon 2013 : Chicago, Illinois : May 4th, 2013

coffeecon 2013 logoI am extremely excited to be attending CoffeeCon 2013, in Chicago, as an invited VIP blogger! Not only will I have to opportunity to experience this one day, consumer focused coffee convention, but I will also get to finally meet so many of my online friends! People like Jason Coffee, Robert Caruso, and Lauri Rottmayer, to name just a few. Some of these people I’ve communicated with, since 2009, and have yet to meet them in person.

I will be blogging about the sessions, as well as what I see and taste! There will be some fun stuff to share, and the sessions look interesting, with such topics as; AeroPress Hacks, Home Espresso, Chemex Brewing, Pourover Methods, coffee sustainability, coffee sourcing, and much more. The complete list can be found on the CoffeeCon website.

coffeecon 2013 registration

Will you be in Chicago, on May 4th? Win FREE tickets!

The good folks at CoffeeCon, have bestowed upon me, 10 complimentary tickets to give away! I’ll be giving away tickets on my blog (4), via Twitter (4), and Pinterest (2)!

How to win…

    • BLOG – Leave a comment on this, or any other blog post at Include #CoffeeCon in your comment, to indicate that you want to be eligible to win! 2 winners will be randomly chosen from all entries received before midnight, on April 15th.  Each winner will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to CoffeeCon 2013.


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    There you have it, 3 easy ways to win a free pair of tickets to CoffeeCon 2013. Why not get some good news on April 15th?! Winners will be contacted on April 16th, and will be expected to respond before April 20th. If you are selected, but fail to reply to the notification, you will forfeit the prize, and another entry will be drawn.

    I am eager to share my CoffeeCon experience with you, and wish you luck in the free ticket giveaway! It would be spectacular to get to meet even more of the CoffeeNate community. 😀


Happy International #Coffee Day!


Happy International Coffee Day!

Get the 2016 list of National Coffee Day deals, here!

happy international coffee day

International Coffee Day is a special day to celebrate the world’s second most popular beverage…COFFEE! Second, of course to water. This day was first celebrated in Japan, in 1983. Not only do we honor our favorite beverage, but we also recognize the coffee farmers, because without their hard work, we wouldn’t have our daily brew. With most commercial brands, the farmers only get a very small wage, which is frequently less than $1 per day. Be a part of the solution, and look for ethically sourced coffees. These are identified by various certifications, such as Fair Trade. Many roasters have created their own certification of sorts, known as ‘Direct Trade’. This practice is predicated on creating the most [Read more…]

#Coffee Savants Roundtable :: Google+ Coffee Hangout


Talking COFFEE in a G+ Hangout

I was honored to be invited onto a Google+ hangout with several other ‘coffee’ people, titled “Coffee Savants Roundtable”.  I don’t consider myself a coffee ‘savant’, but I do know a little bit about coffee, and how to bring new people into the world of specialty coffee.  I wasn’t sure what this was going to be, but I am always up for a new adventure, so I gave it a shot.  I was part of a group of people from across the continent who were a part of the coffee industry in some way.  The video above is a recording of the rich conversation that took place.  This was such a diverse group of coffee lovers, that there were several viewpoints to every topic.  The great thing about coffee is that it is so subjective.  While sometimes my view differed from others in the group, it didn’t make my… or their opinions invalid.  I am looking forward to joining these folks again in the near future!  Here is a list of those who were in the hangout with me… [Read more…]

Coffee Chat With Mike Crimmins, of “Daily Shot of Coffee”

life is too short to drink bad coffee

“4 ounces of burnt ashtray water”  Listen for this quote in the podcast below!  I had the honor of being asked to do a podcast about coffee by Mike Crimmins, from, back in February.  I ended up getting pretty sick the day before we were going to connect, and my cough just hung on forever!  We were finally able to get together and chat about….wait for it….COFFEE!   From how people can start the transition from industrial preground coffee to better coffee, our angst towards the ‘healthy coffee’ people, and why I started, we covered it all.  We also talked social media marketing, and what we’re currently up to.

I’d like to thank my friend, Mike, for inviting me onto his show, and allowing me to simul-post the podcast!  Mike is someone that I had never spoken to before this show, but we’ve been ‘talking’ online for more than 3 years.  We launched our coffee websites at nearly the same time, and Mike has always been an encouraging force in my business.  You can connect with Mike on Facebook and Twitter.
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Podcast resources:

GoCoffeeGo– A great place to buy excellent coffees from several different quality roasters.

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