Behind the Scenes at the United States Barista Championships / Lem Butler

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Welcome back to!  This week you are in for a special treat, as my friend Perri Gorman, of Tambaroo Coffee, has

provided this cool behind the scenes look at the United States Barista Championships at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) trade show.  This is the world’s largest and most prominent event centered about the subject of everything coffee!  This year’s event was held last week in Anaheim, and also included the USBC as part of the show.  When you see these baristas creating their art on a canvas of liquid, you quickly realize that these aren’t your average Starbucks teens slinging computer programmed shots, these are artists!

This video has an interview with the 2010 South East Regional Barista Champion, Lem Butler (find him on Twitter @SexyFoam)  Lem was preparing for the semi-final round of the competition when Perri lured him in for some insight.  It’s an interesting conversation, check it out.  I first heard about Lem on another friends site,, where Lem was the featured “Barista on Duty Interview” The video ends with Perri chatting up a barista that was using egg whites in his beverage…he provides a classic closing line that made me laugh out loud!

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After following the twitter feed for the SCAA2010 event, and seeing just how many of my twitter connections were there, I decided on the fact that I was going to attend the 2011 SCAA event, hosted by the city of Houston next April.  Until then, I’ll have to live vicariously through Perri’s experience.  Follow Perri on twitter and on Tambaroo’s Posterous.

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See you next time with a special about a unique growing region in Ethiopia and the special coffees cultivated there.

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