CoffeeNate #12: Berres Brothers Coffee Review

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Howdy, glad you have visited me this week for my review of Berres Brothers Coffee! I received two packages of their coffee, one was the Ethiopian, and the other was a flavored blend called Highlander Grog.  I’ve been on a bit of an Ethiopian coffee kick as of late, purley unintentional mind you, but I have must say that this region has grown on me…along with the lighter roast.  I’ve tasted a few companies’ versions of the Ethiopian region and I must say that Berres Brothers is

definitely in the top 2, and after further review, I may decide to just name them number one.  I found this coffee to be very lightly acidic, with a medium to light mouth feel.  The finish was smooth and clean with no lingering after taste.

The Berres Brothers Highlander Grogg Coffee was a bit of overkill for me, but my wife drank it down in about 3 days!  I’ve never seen her sold on a coffee like this.  So, as with alcoholic drinks, it appears that there are ‘girly’ preferred coffees as well 😉  I like the Berres Brothers’ web site too, ordering is a little clunky though.  They do offer a wide variety of items and collections for all occasions.  You have to click the ‘add to cart’ at the bottom of the page, the top one just gave me an error.  They appear to ship anywhere, but to get rates outside of the USA you would have to contact them.  They do offer Fair Trade and Organic varieties as well, although I did not sample any of them. Purchase Berres Brothers’ Coffee…CoffeeNate Recommended

I rate the Ethiopian Signature Roast a 93

The most popular question that I have received has surfaced again this week.  I was asked if it was a good idea to store coffee in the fridge of the freezer.  The answer is “ERR!” aka no.  Storing coffee in the freezer causes moisture to build up in the storage container, and it doesn’t matter if it’s airtight or not.  Moisture kills coffee freshness, period!  That’s why it is much more heinous to store the coffee in the refrigerator.  Not only will you kill your coffee beans with moisture, you will also absorb fridge flavors into your brew.  There really is nothing quite like a stale cup of onion flavored coffee…MMMmmmmm good!

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