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Talking COFFEE in a G+ Hangout

I was honored to be invited onto a Google+ hangout with several other ‘coffee’ people, titled “Coffee Savants Roundtable”.  I don’t consider myself a coffee ‘savant’, but I do know a little bit about coffee, and how to bring new people into the world of specialty coffee.  I wasn’t sure what this was going to be, but I am always up for a new adventure, so I gave it a shot.  I was part of a group of people from across the continent who were a part of the coffee industry in some way.  The video above is a recording of the rich conversation that took place.  This was such a diverse group of coffee lovers, that there were several viewpoints to every topic.  The great thing about coffee is that it is so subjective.  While sometimes my view differed from others in the group, it didn’t make my… or their opinions invalid.  I am looking forward to joining these folks again in the near future!  Here is a list of those who were in the hangout with me… [Read more…]

CoffeeNate and Ben Schmerler from @FairTradeUSA

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Join me and Ben Schmerler (Coffee Category Manager : Fair Trade USA) as we discuss coffee, fair trade, and how consumers can make a real difference in individual lives and communities across the globe.

Did you know that we drink more than 400,000,000 cups of coffee EVERY DAY in the USA?  Wow!  How often do we stop to think about the journey that those beans had to make in order to grace our mugs?  Do we ever wonder about where it is grown, or the lives of those who carefully cultivated it?  If you were like me a couple of years ago, the answer is no.  Why would you?  You go to the store, buy the coffee and drink it.  Well, now you will know [Read more…]

BUNN Trifecta Coffee Brewer Video Demo

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Greetings fellow coffee students and lovers of the bean!  It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  I drove down to Ann Arbor, Michigan last week for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Skill Building Workshop.  This was a 2 day event that offered opportunities to learn more about coffee, and how to improve your skills.  I attended two classes about cupping coffee, and received certificates 🙂  I gained a greater appreciation and understanding of tasting coffee and comparing coffees from different regions and methods of processing.  I also got to meet some excellent people too!

Also present at the workshop was Jeff Ulrich, a representative from BUNN, one of the pioneers of coffee brewing.  Jeff graciously demonstrated the brand new Trifecta coffee brewer on video for CoffeeNate.com viewers!  Single cup coffee brewers are all the rage now, with pour-over brewers, the AeroPress, and the like taking huge segments of market share, did you think coffee legend BUNN would sit still and watch from the sidelines?  If you did, you were wrong.   This video is a demo of the BUNN Trifecta brewer in only it’s second public appearance ever!  The BUNN Trifecta is [Read more…]

Behind the Scenes at the United States Barista Championships / Lem Butler

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Welcome back to Coffeenate.com!  This week you are in for a special treat, as my friend Perri Gorman, of Tambaroo Coffee, has [Read more…]