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Why the hell do all hotel rooms come equipped with those ridiculous 4-cup coffee pots?  It doesn’t matter if you are staying at the Ritz or Motel 6, you get the same el cheapo, crappy coffee!  This video will show you how to easily make great coffee, save money, and…

make being on the road a little more like home.

Typical Nasty Hotel Setup

I recently read a post on LifeHacker talking about making better coffee while you are in a hotel room, and I thought it was complete absurd.  The only thing suggested was to use bottled water, and if not, then use tap water left out overnight!  Huh??  Still use the hotel’s junkie brewer?  Still use the nasty generic stale coffee pod?  I don’t think so…CoffeeNate don’t play dat!  Here’s the REAL way to make better coffee while traveling:

BEANS>>>I like to take my whole beans along and grind them in the hotel room just before I brew, but if you are flying, then that isn’t very realistic to say the least.  If packing space is an issue, then I suggest grinding your beans at home, and packaging them in a vaccuum sealed package.  If you can’t vac pack ’em, then use ziplock type snack bags and squeeze out all of the air that you possibly can.  Oxygen is coffee freshness enemy number ONE!  I would never advocate pregrinding coffee under usual circumstances, but when your choices are (1) stale ass plastic wrapped “coffee” brand coffee pods brewed in a crappy hotel coffee pot, or (2) pregrinding fresh roasted whole bean coffee and vac packing it…then I will choose the latter every time!

No, this is not from Austin Powers!

BREWER>>>If you are traveling with the family, then it may suit your needs quite well to travel with a french press (link to my tutorial, purchase below).  However, if you are traveling alone then there are two methods of making coffee that will brew high quality coffee on the go; the AeroPress (link to my tutorial, purchase below), and the Travel Mug / French Press combo mug.   All of these items are found below for purchase, and I strongly advise to use all of them!  I own them myself, and I am extremely please with the exceptional coffee brewed from all of them! 🙂

WATER>>> Beware of the chlorine flavored coffee!  I suggest using filtered or bottled water.  If you brew a lot of coffee, then perhaps you’ll want to stop at a grocery store near your hotel and pick up a large container of filtered water instead of buying many small bottles of water.  If you’re really hard up, then use your AeroPress with 2 filters and run the cold water through it…not perfect, but it will remove some of the minerals and nasty flavors.

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Pan Roasted Coffee

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