CoffeeNate 13 : Kuhlman’s Koffee Review

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It’s really funny that I sang a few bars of Neil Diamond to open the show!  Now Neil Diamond is a trending topic of Twitter…lol.    This week I received two pounds of Kuhlman’s Koffee, one of their Ethiopian Natural Organic Sidamo Guiji and a package of Fair Trade Sumatra Mandheling.  The packaging doesn’t carry any organic or fairtrade certified seals, but the company says that it is certified fairtrade and some are certified organic while others are organic, but not certified.   I found the organic Ethiopian to be

very distinct and unique in flavor and aroma.  The bluberry and floral notes permeate your senses as you both smell and drink.  The flavor is intriguing and inviting, with a notable acidity that compliments the taste.

The Sumatra was not as good in my opinion.  While it is far superior to most popular store brands, it did not capture my imagination or attention.  One thing I wasn’t very crazy about is their website.  You are better off getting the toll free nunber from the website and place your order in that manner.  The site is confusing and difficult to purchase.  While it does not affect the quality of the coffee, it does negatively effect the convenience of shopping online.  One strong point is that Kuhlmans Koffee is offered at an excellent price, $11.75 for a pound.  Most companies offer 12 or even 8 ounce bags as their largest size, but they charge more than $11.75

I rate the Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Organic a 92

This week I was asked about the caffeine content, and how it is affected by the roasting process.  Do darker roasts have more, less, or the same caffeine content as lighter roasts?  The answer is surprising to most that lighter roasts contain more of the caffeine we crave than do the dark roasts.  The reason is that a portion of the caffeine that is naturally found in the coffee seed, is burned off during the roasting process as the bean changes visually and chemically.  Too many people equate ‘strength’ to the amount of time a coffee bean is roasted.  You can just as easily have a strong light roast coffee, it’s all in the amount of coffee you use when you brew!  The darker roasts to possess a more prominent and decisive flavor, but it does not impact ‘strength’.

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