Single Serve Coffee Tips :: Kirk Jeffery Coffee Review

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Single Serve Coffee Tips & Kirk Jeffery Coffee Review

:: Single Serve Coffee Craze ::

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Single serve coffee makers are all the rage at the moment.  Masses of people are choosing these convenient brewers as their daily brewer, but is this a wise choice?  Check out the video

for my thoughts and tips on making single serve coffee that is far superior to these expensive gizmos.  Don’t waste your money by trading taste, value, and sustainability for the convenience of a plastic coated stale coffee product.  Click here for more of my thoughts on Kcups and other single serve brewers like the Keurig.

I received some coffees from Kirk Jeffery Coffee, a micro roaster who specializes in small batches of fine coffees.  I really liked one of these coffees, and it is very reasonable at $10/lb.  Check out the video for my thoughts.

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