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You’ve found the National Coffee Day deals for 2014. Get the 2016 list, here!

Happy National Coffee Day! For coffee lovers, this day means getting a free or deeply discounted cup of coffee. Here are some of the national deals that I’ve found. Feel free to share others in the comments! Enjoy your day.





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How To Use a Moka Pot :: Video Tutorial


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More than %90 of all households in Italy, the country that brought us espresso, own a moka pot! Invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, the moka pot became a favorite brewing method in Europe. This video and following text will teach you how easy it is to create a rich cup of coffee brewed in your own Moka Pot. I ordered a Bialetti moka pot, it was very reasonable in price (<$30), and I was impressed with the

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CoffeeNate 14: How To Win FREE Coffee!

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Well as we say goodbye to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we will take this time to look back at what he’s contributed to the coffee world.  Nothing…okay moving on. 😉  This video details the new format for the monthly free coffee giveaway at CoffeeNate.com!  Each month will be sponsored by a coffee company and you can earn multiple entries by [Read more…]