CoffeeNate Episode #10 : Dean & Deluca and Burr Grinder Reviews

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>>Breville Conical Burr Grinder<<

Hello, and welcome back to, I’m so glad you have joined me!  Today, I did a tasting and review of Dean & Deluca’s Dark Roast House Blend .   This blend is a complex mix of four origin varieties.  The dark roasting process does diminish the majority of the distinctive quality of the beans, but there is a detectable complexity.  Heavy bittersweet chocolate, smoke, and toffee notes, followed by a long and pronounced cocoa finish.  The acidity is bright, and it is full bodied coffee, meaning a heavy mouth feel. Dean & Deluca offers a wide array of quality culinary products, and their coffees and teas are just the start.  The price point is reasonable at $15 per pound, but the shipping is a bit high at $6.50 for this purchase.  If you buy 2 bags, then shipping is $8.50 and brings the per pound price down to $19.25.  Many companies ship in 12 oz packages, so there is the advantage of receiving %25 more than the common weight.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dean & Deluca coffee is Fair Trade and certified organic!  Their website and product information made no note of either, but this product carries the certification seals for FT and USDA organic.


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Two months ago my lovely boys smashed my coffee grinder. I was initially infused with burning hostility, but I quickly


this as an opportunity to upgrade 🙂   I researched various grinders and compared the specs vs. price vs. user reviews.  I finally settled on the Breville BCG450XL conical burr grinder.   I really wanted a conical grinder as they produce the most consistent particle size, essential for quality coffee.  I was skeptical at the low price of $99.95, as a quality conical burr grinder can easily cost $300 – $500.  I figured at this price point I couldn’t go wrong.   My old grinder made a nice layer of dust in the corner (Cuisinart flat burr grinder) so it would be easy to improve on those results.  From the first use I’ve been impressed with the performance of this grinder.  No more dust, and an excellent consistent grind. There is also no build up of static electricity as with some models.  I recommend purchasing this product from Amazon , as their return policy and customer service have been excellent in my experience.  I would recommend this grinder to my mom…and yes we get along 😉

Be sure to join me next week as I demonstrate a cold brewing technique. We will be making some iced coffee with cold brew coffee, not old previously hot coffee. Take care and see you next week.

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