Episode #11 : The Cold Brewing Method / SpeakEasy Coffee Review

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EDIT: Wow, this video is brutal! Haha. I look like I’m scared to death of the camera. I really need to redo this one (as with most of my early vids). You will find a better cold brew tutorial, which uses the Toddy cold coffee brewer at this link.

Howdy, welcome back to to learn about Cold Brewing Coffee.  In most areas of the country it is starting to get pretty hot and sticky this time of year.  Who wants to add any heat to the house, or even drink a hot drink for that matter?  Maybe you just want to experiment and try a change of pace.  If that describes you, then cold brewing coffee is right up your alley!  This was an interesting adventure, because there are no hard and fast rules to this method of brewing java.  I experimented with brewing it in milk vs. water, water temps, in the fridge, room temp, various grinds etc.  It was lots of trial and error and I was close to thinking that this method just wasn’t for me, I’m too much of a coffee snob to appreciate the cold brew.  Alas, I found the right combination of factors to produce a suitable brew.  This video details how to brew cold coffee from start to finish.  Here are a couple of recipes that

you may also enjoy, there is an alcholic and a non-alkie version 😉

Iced Coffee Non-Alcoholic Style

  • Add frozen ‘Coffee Cubes’
  • Add 3 ounces of half n’ half
  • Add 4 ounces of Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate
  • (optional) Add a dollop of whip cream or a shot of chocolate syrup

Alcoholic Iced Coffee

  • Add frozen ‘Coffee Cubes’
  • Add 2 ounces of half n’ half
  • Add 4 ounces of Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate
  • Add 1 ounce Coffee Liqueur
  • Add 1Tbs Kahlua
  • Add 1Tbs Irish Cream
  • For best results, blend all ingredients for 10 seconds in a blender

There you have it.  Of course, you can adjust these recipes to suit your personal tastes, but it gives you a starting point.  Have fun, and feel free to share your own concoctions with us!

This week I ordered some superb coffees from They offer a vast selection of Fair Trade / Organic / Shade-Grown coffees in a variety of blends and roasts.  This small scale roastery focuses on the quality and freshness of the roast while accentuating the flavors of the various origins.  SpeakEasy is based in southern Ontario, Canada, and they ship anywhere in North America.  Roasted to order, you won’t be disappointed with their service or their product.  I especially enjoyed the Ethiopian Harrar and the Costa Rican varieties…MMMmmmm  The Harrar is bursting with an aromatic scent that will invade your home with floral, fruit, and anise notes.  Check them out and share your experiences with us 🙂
If you have a question or an idea for a topic for a future episode feel free to send me a message either through email or twitter.  I care about what you care about, and I am eager to address your coffee questions!  Winning some premium coffee wouldn’t hurt either…would it?  Take care, and see you next week.

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