Coffee Kool Aid Man T-shirt : #Coffee

coffee kool aid man tshirt

Coffee Kool Aid Man!

I found this image of the coffee kool aid man, and traced it back to the original source, a great guy by the name of Dan Fluet aka Dansmash. He gave me permission to add the speech bubble and post it on my blog, which I am very grateful for. I was happy to see that he was selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and stickers with this awesome image. I know a lot of coffee nerds who would love to pick one up, so here’s the link.


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Morning Person or #Coffee Person?



I’m often categorized as a morning person, because I wake up early. When, in fact, I’m a COFFEE person! Life demands that I wake up early, but my body and brain demand a cup of two of specialty coffee to perform well. Even research confirms that drinking coffee improves brain function and physical endurance, so drink up!

Monday Morning Meme: Yoda, Coffee Snob


Monday Morning Meme :: Yoda, Coffee Snob

Yoda Coffee Snob

Good morning! It is a little known fact that Yoda was downing shots of espresso on Dagobah. No canned coffee for Yoda, he only imports [Read more…]

Monday Morning Meme :: Future #Barista


Monday Morning Meme :: Future Barista

future barista

Good Monday morning! Have you ever noticed that many baristas have a look that is all their own? There is a sort of barista fashion trend that is kinda hipsterish. I’m not at all saying this in a negative way, especially if they can crank out a great espresso and pour a rosette. This week’s “Monday Morning Meme” depicts a baby [Read more…]

Monday Morning Meme :: Folgers Conspiracy Keanu


Monday Morning Meme :: Folgers Conspiracy Keanu

monday morning coffee meme : conspiracy keanu folgers in my cup

Good Monday morning to you! I know, Mondays are not that great, but I’ve started this fun theme, designed to lighten your Monday blues! Monday Morning Memes will feature popular meme images, with a focus on coffee. This week’s coffee meme features “Conspiracy Keanu” questioning the validity of Folgers’ claim that “The best part of wakin’ up, is Folgers in your cup.” It appears that Keanu has had an epiphany! If you enjoy this image, I would be very appreciative if you could share this on your favorite social networks! Thank you so much for visiting c[_]

For better coffee, try one of the brewing methods from our coffee brewing guides! They may take an extra minute or two, but you’ll be rewarded with exceptional flavor!

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