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Okay, so you are ready to take the plunge into the world beyond the Auto-Drip coffee maker are you?   Of course you are!  A word of warning before you embark on this quest, once you take action there will be no turning back.   It’s like Neo on The Matrix…what pill will you choose…red…or blue?  Okay enough thinking, pop that red pill and join me!  Each link below will take you to the complete post and instructional video for that method.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions, observations, or post brewing reports you may have!   That’s what I’m here for 🙂

  • How to use The French Press

    This method is pretty well regarded as the gold standard, the rawest, yet most refined way to experience a coffee.  It is raw because there is nothing that takes away from the coffee, just hot water and beans.  There is

    nowhere for the coffee to hide, its true characteristics will be known.  My very first video was about this method, and I recently refined and improved my technique and demonstrate a reverse technique as well.
    Cost= $35-$80

  • How to use The AeroPress

    This brewer looks like a giant syringe, perfect for a coffee junkie like me!  It is very unique, uses a paper filter, but creates a smooth yet rich cup.
    Cost about $25. The flavor is improved when using a metal filter disk!

  • How to use a Moka Pot

    In Italy you will find at least 2 of these babies in every house, and Italians know their coffee.  Also known as the stove top espresso maker, this brewer is almost dummy proof and creates a very rich flavorful cup of coffee.
    Cost= $20-$75

  • How to use a Syphon / Vac / Siphon Pot Brewing

    This method is one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, method of brewing coffee.  This is my personal favorite for non-espresso coffee.  Not only does it produce a flavorful, and ultra tasty cup of coffee, it puts on a great show to boot.  I never tire of watching coffee brewed in a syphon pot!
    Cost= $60-$130

  • How to use the Chemex

    The secret to the Chemex lies in the filter.  It is quite a thick filter, and it produces an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee and never bitter.  Follow my step by step guide to brew like a pro with this attractive brewer.

    Cost= $20-$90

  • How to use The Toddy Cold Brewer

    Did you know that you can actually brew coffee in the refrigerator?  Well guess what, you can!  It produces a sweet and smooth (low acid) cup as well.  The cold brew concentrate is perfect for iced coffees and can stay fresh in your fridge for up to 2 weeks!  You can also cold brew coffee in a french press.

  • How To Use a Single Cup Pourover Brewers

    This video is about the one cup Melitta, but the principle is the same as most pourover brewers.  Why is this better than autodrip?  Well for one, the parts are all mineral build up and scale deposit free!  Another is brew temp.  Temperature is a very important aspect to coffee brewing.  Brewing on demand is the best way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.
    Cost= $5-$45

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