National Coffee Day Deals 2017 : #NationalCoffeeDay

List of national coffee day deals 2016
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National Coffee Day Deals 2017

Of course, for us coffee freaks, every day is National Coffee Day. For normal people, it’s just one day a year. This post will show you every place you can snag a free coffee on National Coffee Day 2017. There are enough offers here that you can obtain a massive caffeine buzz and add a few pounds from free donut consumption. This is the most comprehensive list as of now, but new coffee deals will surely be added. Deals will be added as we find them. Please feel free to submit deals we may have missed in the comments.

Note: While National Coffee Day is technically September 29th, some shops have chosen to promote it as October 1st. It is a bit confusing as various countries celebrate it on different days. Check the offers below and plan your free coffee runs on the correct day! 🙂

Chain and Online Deals

Dunkin Donuts


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

CBTL free coffee

Free Coffee Bean coffee when you download the app

Krispy Kreme

Horn & Hardart

Peet’s Coffee

Caribou Coffee


Tim Hortons (US Only)

Dutch Bros

Pilot Flying J

Atlas Coffee Club

First bag of coffee is free when people sign up for a monthly subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, a travel themed coffee subscription. Use the discount code: AtlasCoffeeDay17. Cancel at any time.

Cumberland Farms

Biggby Coffee

Coffee Beanery

Coffee Culture

Stewart’s Shops

McDonald’s [select locations]


Free Pumpkin Pie Latte on Friday, September 29th


Cafe Grumpy

New York, NY (Grand Central Terminal)

Hart’s Local Grocers

Rochester, NY

New Hope Mills

Auburn, NY


Washington, DC

Super America


Magnum Coffee

Nunica, MI
Las Vegas, NV

Levee Creamery

Collierville, TN

Einstein Bros.

Knoxville, TN

Aromas + Bliss

Omaha, NE

Human Bean





Charelston, SC

Taproom Coffee

Atlanta, GA

CCs Coffee House


Joffrey’s Coffee

Tampa, FL

Oceana Coffee

Taquesta, FL

Black Bear Bread Co.

Grayton Beach, FL

Samba Latte

Las Vegas, NV

Press Coffee Roasters


Farley’s East

Oakland, CA

Wake Up Call

Spokane, WA

Meinhardt Fine Foods

Vancouver, BC

Online National Coffee Day Deals


15% off ALL coffees. An excellent source of fine coffee, GoCoffeeGo brings several roasters’ offerings into a single shopping cart!

1st In Coffee

Cafe Britt

HiLine Coffee

Happy National Coffee Day! :: Coffee Day Deals :: #NationalCoffeeDay

national coffee day deals

You’ve found the National Coffee Day deals for 2014. Get the 2016 list, here!

Happy National Coffee Day! For coffee lovers, this day means getting a free or deeply discounted cup of coffee. Here are some of the national deals that I’ve found. Feel free to share others in the comments! Enjoy your day.





dillanos coupon code



Here are more products that I love…

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The Coffee Olympics : #Coffee #Sochi2014

coffee olympics

The Coffee Olympics

Every time the Olympics are held in a distant country, I find myself staying up all hours of the night to watch “just one more event”. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but when I do this I have to consume twice as much coffee the following day. I guess it’s a win/win. 😉

The Coffee Nate Gold Medalists

In the Olympic spirit, I have awarded medals to the best coffee grinder, brewer, and top piece of home coffee brewing equipment.

Best Coffee Grinder

Capturing gold for “Best Coffee Grinder”, is Baratza. Rather than bestow this medal to a single grinder, I’m giving it to the company. This is because different types of coffee brewing will require a different grinder, and Baratza provides the best of both. From the entry level Encore to the espresso specialist Vario-W, there is something for every serious coffee nerd. Why Baratza? This company’s sole focus is producing quality coffee grinders. They don’t make 100 appliances and happen to also make coffee grinders, they specialize in producing top of the line coffee grinding machines. I’ve said many times, the single most important piece of coffee brewing equipment is the grinder. No other product has the potential to positively impact your coffee, more than the investment in a high caliber coffee grinder. You can have the world’s finest coffee and the most cutting edge coffee brewer, but if you don’t have a decent grinder, you’ll drink a poor cup of coffee.

Gold: Baratza Vario W

baratza vario w coffee grinderThe gold standard for home espresso enthusiasts! The Vario-W is also able to grind for other brewing methods, but it isn’t recommended as you’ll constantly be losing your espresso sweet spot.




Silver: Baratza Virtuoso

baratza virtuoso coffee grinderPerfect for versatility. Capable of producing a suitable grind for espresso, as well as press pot and other brewing methods.




Bronze: Baratza Encore

baratza encore coffee grinderGreat for brewing methods, other than espresso. Excellent entry level burr grinder for maximum results with least investment.





Best Coffee Brewer

Here’s where it gets a bit subjective. I prefer different types of brewers for different coffees. On top of that, I also prefer different brewing methods depending on the time of day, the amount of time I have available, as well as what kind of mood I’m in. Here are the winners…

Gold: Bodum Columbia French Press

bodum columbia french pressThis press claimed gold based on the ease of use, the quality of its components, as well as the convenience and repeatability. French Press coffee is enjoyed by many a coffee snob, and it is surprisingly affordable. While the traditional glass versions are more than adequate (if you purchase a quality one), the Columbia is stainless steel, which makes it kid-proof. Also, the plunger of the Columbia is a single piece. Most plungers have a screen filter that fits between two metal plates at the bottom of the plunger. These are horrible to clean, because the coffee grounds get stuck between the screen and the plates. In order to properly clean, you have to take it apart every time. Nobody does this, and you end up with rotten coffee grounds in your fresh brew. Nasty! The Columbia features a single piece filter that is a breeze to clean. It also has a small silicone ring around the outside, providing an excellent seal to keep the coffee grounds out of your drink.

Silver: The AeroPress

AeroPress Coffee MakerThe AeroPress could very well be a gold medal contender, but it does require a bit more involvement, as well as more ways to screw up the beverage. On the other hand, it does create a unique brewing experience, as well as an exceptional cup of coffee. How the makers of a flying disc stumbled upon this device is beyond me, but this product is really quite awesome.

The AeroPress is perfect for people who want to brew a single cup, but don’t want to go the expensive route of the Kcup brewers, which also produce some of the poorest quality coffee known to man. Also, if you like an intensely strong brew, the AeroPress is a must. The final product is a concentrated cup of coffee, which you can add hot water or milk to suit your strength preference. If you don’t mind going through a few steps, the AeroPress is your best bet. At first, you may find it to be a bit labor intensive but, like anything else, practice makes perfect. You will quickly find yourself brewing like a barista, once you go through the steps a few times. It isn’t as intimidating as it appears, and you can follow my step by step video to get you started.

Bronze: The Chemex

Chemex coffee makerWhile I struggled with choosing a third brewer, I went with the Chemex. This brewing method allows you to brew a single cup or as many as 13 cups! I have an 13 cup Chemex, which I use when we are entertaining. I can brew up a large number of cups, rather than kicking out 1 cup at a time, for the entire evening. You can also brew a single cup, without sacrificing the quality of the brew. The construction of the Chemex is quite simple. It is a glass container, with a funnel at the top. Insert the filter into the funnel, add the ground coffee, then slowly add the water. Once you get the grind right, you will find this method very simple, and the finished product is a tasty cup of coffee.

Overall Coffee Brewing Equipment

Gold: Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

bonavita variable temp kettleThis was an easy choice, for several reasons. Reason number one, control. The gooseneck design allows for precise, slow pouring, while the function of the kettle also allows you to set the desired temperature of the water. The optimal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. (NOT BOILING) At this temperature range, the perfect amount of the coffee bean is dissolved by the water. If your water isn’t hot enough, it won’t dissolve enough, too hot and your coffee will taste bitter, because too much was allowed to dissolve. This kettle provides two important functions in a single device, saving you time…which is reason number 2.

Silver: Able Filters

able aeropress filterI simply love the metal filters produced by Able Brewing Company. The first is the standard screen, reusable filter for the AeroPress. This metal AeroPress filter allows more of the flavorful oils to enter your cup. Paper filters work perfectly fine, but they make the brew too smooth for my personal taste. If you enjoy a flavor packed cup, then you MUST get the reusable Able filter for the AeroPress.



able kone filterI always use the Able KONE filter for brewing with my Chemex. For the same reason as with the reusable AeroPress filter, the KONE allows more flavor to enter the cup, while keeping out the sediment found in French Press brewing. Another benefit of using the KONE, you are able to use a finer grind for the Chemex, without clogging the filter. The traditional Chemex paper filters are excellent, but you must use a coarser grind in order to keep the coffee flowing. Again, the paper filter provides a smoother tasting cup, but removes much of the flavor that the KONE allows into the cup. If you’re like me, you’ll prefer the KONE filter.

Bronze: Hario Digital Scale & Timer

hario coffee scaleAn essential element of brewing exceptional coffee is repeatability. If you measure your coffee grounds by the ‘scoop’, you’re not getting it. Measuring coffee by mass offers you the consistency that is crucial to producing a repeatable process with ease. Coffee beans can vary in density and size, but if you always measure your coffee with a scale, you will always use the proper amount. Otherwise, you’re simply guessing. The Hario scale is superior to cheaper models, because it offers a large surface area, easy to read display, and it also has a built in timer. The larger surface area allows for more stability for your brewer. After adding your coffee, you can put your brewer on the scale, tare it, then measure your water by mass as well. If you don’t already do this, it may sound like more work, but it actually creates less work in addition to giving you maximum control and a simple, repeatable brewing process.

Here are more products that I love…

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National Coffee Day Deals 2013 : #Coffee #Deals

national coffee day, international coffee day, coffee deals, national coffee day deals 2013

You’ve found the National Coffee Day deals for 2013. Get the 2016 list, here!

I have compiled a list of National / International Coffee Day deals for 2013! These are the actual Facebook / Twitter posts by the companies mentioned. Enjoy the freebies and be sure to post any that I’ve missed! Cheers c[_]

Tim Hortons USA

Starbucks US & Canada

Krispy Kreme

Dunkin’ Donuts


Caribou Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Meet CoffeeNate at CoffeeCon 2013! :: Win FREE Tickets To #CoffeeCon


CoffeeCon 2013 : Chicago, Illinois : May 4th, 2013

coffeecon 2013 logoI am extremely excited to be attending CoffeeCon 2013, in Chicago, as an invited VIP blogger! Not only will I have to opportunity to experience this one day, consumer focused coffee convention, but I will also get to finally meet so many of my online friends! People like Jason Coffee, Robert Caruso, and Lauri Rottmayer, to name just a few. Some of these people I’ve communicated with, since 2009, and have yet to meet them in person.

I will be blogging about the sessions, as well as what I see and taste! There will be some fun stuff to share, and the sessions look interesting, with such topics as; AeroPress Hacks, Home Espresso, Chemex Brewing, Pourover Methods, coffee sustainability, coffee sourcing, and much more. The complete list can be found on the CoffeeCon website.

coffeecon 2013 registration

Will you be in Chicago, on May 4th? Win FREE tickets!

The good folks at CoffeeCon, have bestowed upon me, 10 complimentary tickets to give away! I’ll be giving away tickets on my blog (4), via Twitter (4), and Pinterest (2)!

How to win…

    • BLOG – Leave a comment on this, or any other blog post at Include #CoffeeCon in your comment, to indicate that you want to be eligible to win! 2 winners will be randomly chosen from all entries received before midnight, on April 15th.  Each winner will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to CoffeeCon 2013.


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    There you have it, 3 easy ways to win a free pair of tickets to CoffeeCon 2013. Why not get some good news on April 15th?! Winners will be contacted on April 16th, and will be expected to respond before April 20th. If you are selected, but fail to reply to the notification, you will forfeit the prize, and another entry will be drawn.

    I am eager to share my CoffeeCon experience with you, and wish you luck in the free ticket giveaway! It would be spectacular to get to meet even more of the CoffeeNate community. 😀