CoffeeNate Episode #2 : A Unique Brewing Method

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Thank you for visiting today.  I really appreciate your support and all of the positive comments after last weeks launch of!  Keep the questions and comments pouring in and I will begin answering your questions on upcoming episodes.  Whether your question is about a coffee that I have already reviewed, a new coffee, ethical issues pertaining to coffee, brewing methods, how to make a latte, what is a latte, or coffee whatever, feel free to ask.  That’s why I’m here!  Future episode topics already include;

  • Where Does My Coffee Come From?
  • What is Fair Trade Coffee?
  • What is coffee?
  • Various product reviews

This week I am featuring the ‘AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker’ .  At first glance, this looks like a complicated gizmo, but its very easy to use.  Watch the video for a simple instructional on how to use the AeroPress coffee brewer.  The AeroPress uses pressure to force the hot water through the grinds.  Using pressure eliminates the need for

the grinds to steep in the hot water, as with the french press.  Due to this fact, and the use of the included small filter, we can use a fine grind coffee with the AeroPress, thus allowing for a more complete release of flavor from the beans.  What you are left with is an excellent cup of coffee, full of flavor with no bitter aftertaste.  The brewer produces a concentrated coffee that can be topped off with milk for a latte, or hot water for an ‘American’ coffee drink.  Two scoops yields two 6 ounce cups of coffee.  I prefer my coffee to be quite strong, so I prefer to only slightly dilute it and make one cup rather than two.

As you saw in the video, this week’s featured coffee is from Shock Coffee® and is their Organic Blend . This blend produces an excellent cup of coffee with a medium body and a smooth finish.  The Organic Blend is certified Fair Trade and is USDA certified organic as well.  Fair Trade certification ensures that the farmer is compensated at a fair price and provides important benefits to the entire community.  Some companies claim to ‘practice fair trade’ or ‘relationship trading’, but unless they are certified you really have to do research to see what their practices are.  I will cover this topic more thoroughly in an upcoming episode, but it is important to seek certified products.   When you purchase the coffee, it arrives in a case of 24 / 2.75 ounce packages.  This is an excellent way to keep the coffee from getting stale.  The price point is very reasonable as well, it works out to be $8.47 per pound with a total weight of 4.125 pounds.  You get an additional %5 discount if you choose the auto-ship option.  At the moment, Canadian shipping is possible, but very expensive at about $24.  USA shipping is currently $2 for UPS ground.

Thank you again for visiting and being a part of the community.  Again, I value your input and would love to answer your questions and concerns.  This site is a place to ask, share, and learn.  All of this coffee talk has me craving a hot cup of java right now!  Be sure to visit often and keep up with the episodes, because their is always something brewing at! 😉

Today’s featured product:
Shock Coffee "Organic Blend"

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