How To Keep Coffee Fresh

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You can’t make fresh coffee if you don’t have fresh beans!  This post will help you to properly store you beans, as well as teach you why you must

only purchase whole bean coffee.  Buying whole beans is not just the coffee snob thing to do, but it will save you money as well as an upset stomach.  Coffee’s flavor is from the oils that are produced during the roasting process.  If properly stored, these oils remain protected inside of the bean for about 2 weeks after they are roasted.  However, once ground, these oils are exposed to their natural enemy…Oxygen.  The oxygen will immediately attack the delicate oils and begin to stale the coffee within minutes.  In fact, ground coffee can become stale in as little as 20 minutes. 

Coffee freshness is adversely affected by the following;

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Moisture

There are several products on the market that are good for coffee storage.  Most of them will help safeguard your beans from one or more of the above, but there is one product that I have found that surpasses them all.  Best of all, it is also the most economical!  Thank you for Richard C., who brought this product to my attention by posting a question about it on my CoffeeNate facebook page!  The product is called the TightVac.  The TightVac was originally marketed and sold as a tea storage container, but the rest of the food industry soon caught on that this simple to use product was invaluable in its design and how it could preserve any perishable item.  So naturally the coffee industry has taken notice as well.  The TightVac won a best product award at CoffeeFest in 2010.

I’m afraid I sound like a commercial here, but I really like this product for its purpose and value.  While the Tightvac can be used to store just about anything imaginable, it translates perfectly to the coffee industry because of its ingenious design that works just like the one way valves found on all specialty coffee bags.  These valves are necessary to allow the carbon dioxide, emitted by freshly roasted coffee, to escape.  There are other vacuum sealed containers on the market for sure, but I am not aware of any other that has this degassing capability while not allowing the outside air in.  The Tightvac is also easy for anyone to use, simply depress the easy to push button and slide the lid on.  Push the button again when you want to remove the lid.  No pumping, pulling, or plugging in needed.  The TightVac CoffeeVac is  simple, practical, valuable, and all for $15 for the 1 lb size.  The TightVac is available in several sizes from espresso shot size to 5 lb size.


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