Coffee Shop Review: @NovoCoffee #Denver, 1600 Glenarm

Ryan Melissa Novo Coffee Glenarm

Now that I’m 100% working for myself, I am traveling much more than before. It is always a challenge to locate a suitable coffee shop when in an unfamiliar city, and I’ve had many more misses than ‘hits’! As usual, I sent a tweet, asking for recommendations for the best espresso in Denver. My hotel is downtown, and I needed something within walking distance. I received a few recommendations from my awesome followers, and one was close by. Joshua Viau (?@jbviau) suggested that I try Novo. I have seen Novo Coffee being sold online, but I had never tried it.

novo coffee sign glenarm denver

I enjoyed the 10 minute stroll to their location at 1600 Glenarm Place and ventured inside. The atmosphere was that of a typical, metropolitan coffee house, simple and relaxing. I was immediately and pleasantly greeted by Melissa. She was very helpful and eager to answer my questions about their coffees and brewing methods. I ordered a doppio and a syphon of the same single origin coffee, 4 Mujeres. This is an exquisite Costa Rican, washed coffee, with a pleasant combination of chocolate, sweet cherry, and almond. The cherry is especially pronounced in the espresso.

syphon coffee novo coffee denver glenarm

While the coffee was obviously amazing, what made this visit exceptional was the refreshingly enthusiastic customer service from Ryan and Melissa. There is a perceived general snootiness that permeates the barista ranks. Customers are often felt pressured to not ask questions and to order quickly before the coffee nazi abruptly boots you out for one year. I was genuinely impressed with this shop, and it was the first time that I felt compelled to immediately post about a coffee shop! Excellent coffee can be found in almost any city, but it is exceedingly rare to discover remarkable coffee, coupled with phenomenal customer service. I cannot recommend this shop enough.

novo coffee menu denver glenarm

I feel the need to state something critical about this shop, which is difficult to do, but the one thing that I could pick on is the price of the syphon brew. At $9 per cup, it is quite steep. Funny enough, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it at [Read more…]