“Bean Me Up, Scotty!” :: Coffee Tip


BEAN ME UP, SCOTTY!bean me up scotty

Even the great Captain Kirk sometimes has a hard time finding a decent cup of coffee.  Looks like this brew has been sitting around for quite some time.  Coffee, like any other food product, is always best fresh.  Fresh roasted and fresh brewed.  If you use an automatic drip coffee maker with a heating element, be sure to transfer your brew into an insulated air pot.  This will keep your coffee tasting fresh, instead of having it evaporate and cooked.  Leaving it on the heating element will make your coffee taste burnt, as this will continue to ‘brew’ the coffee.

For even better coffee, try one of the brewing methods from our coffee brewing guides!  They may take an extra minute or two, but you’ll be rewarded with exceptional flavor!

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