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Canada…known for it’s passion for hockey, strong beer, Celine Dion, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and %13 sales tax.  When Americans think of Canada,

it typically involves snow, mountains, and igloos.  I’ve lived in Canada for 12 years and I’ve yet to see a single igloo, but what I have noticed is that this country is absolutely bonkers for Tim Horton’s coffee.  I live in a town of 75,000 people, and there are 7 Timmy’s Donut Shoppes…and they are always busy.  There is seldom a time of day when there are fewer than 6 vehicles parked in the lot and 5 more in the drive thru!  So what is the hubbub about?  I had to see for myself.

Stealing a line from the Canadian National Anthem

At first glance when you enter a Tim Horton’s restaurant, it’s nothing special.  There are smaller than average sized baked goods that taste mediocre at best, gas station type ‘cappuccino’ machines (aka liquid candy bar dispensers), and pots upon pots of Tim Horton’s preground coffee ready to serve.  Right away the ‘coffee snob’ is alerted to what lies ahead when there is no espresso machine and a ‘cappuccino machine’.   When I get cup of their coffee, I’m immediately put off by being able to see the bottom of the cup through its liquid contents.  Timmy’s coffee is weak, lacking in desirable flavors, but packed with off-notes of wood and sweat sock.  Mmmm Good!

So why is Tim Horton’s so successful in Canada?  It certainly isn’t the coffee, baked goods, or sandwiches.  You can’t even buy their coffee whole bean; the STORE doesn’t receive the coffee as whole bean.  The only choice is preground!  So again, why is Timmy’s revered in

Canada?  The answer is simple; there is nicotine in the grounds. 😉 No, I’m not buying that one either.  Some losers try to say goofy statements like that, but the real answ er is simple: ‘Marketing’ and ‘Culture’.  Tim Horton’s coffee is woven into the culture of Canadian life.  To remove it would be equivalent to the Canadian government reducing taxes…ain’t gunna happen! 😉  Seriously though, Tim Horton played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, started a coffee shop, and his legacy will live on even though the coffee tastes like day old truck stop java.

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