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Greetings fellow coffee students and lovers of the bean!  It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  I drove down to Ann Arbor, Michigan last week for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Skill Building Workshop.  This was a 2 day event that offered opportunities to learn more about coffee, and how to improve your skills.  I attended two classes about cupping coffee, and received certificates 🙂  I gained a greater appreciation and understanding of tasting coffee and comparing coffees from different regions and methods of processing.  I also got to meet some excellent people too!

Also present at the workshop was Jeff Ulrich, a representative from BUNN, one of the pioneers of coffee brewing.  Jeff graciously demonstrated the brand new Trifecta coffee brewer on video for CoffeeNate.com viewers!  Single cup coffee brewers are all the rage now, with pour-over brewers, the AeroPress, and the like taking huge segments of market share, did you think coffee legend BUNN would sit still and watch from the sidelines?  If you did, you were wrong.   This video is a demo of the BUNN Trifecta brewer in only it’s second public appearance ever!  The BUNN Trifecta is

birthed during the current single cup brewer craze.  I would describe the Trifecta  as a souped-up AeroPress on steroids.  “Every Coffee Has a Voice” is how BUNN begins it’s description of the Trifecta brewer.  Simple, yet profound.  Brewing is not a one size fits a

The Trifecta’s Fine Screen Portafilter

ll endeavor.  Coffees from different regions, different roasts, different blends, etc all achieve their optimum flavor at varying brewing conditions.  The Trifecta allows for individualized precise settings that make it possible to achieve repeatable results, which accentuate each coffee’s unique characteristics.  Every aspect of coffee brewing is able to be adjusted, from the length of time the coffee is steeped to the amount of pressure exerted during extraction.


There is a handy chart to record your settings as you dial in the ideal combination to create the perfect cup. The quick and dirty explanation of the Trifecta’s brewing process from BUNN is as follows…


  1. WETTING The coffee grounds are saturated.
  2. EXTRACTION Air is injected into a pressurized chamber so that the grounds are agitated — the result: uniformity of extraction and a complex beverage that will be enjoyed by the coffeelover.
  3. HYDROLYSIS Air presses the beverage through a metal screen that filters out coffee grounds while preserving coffee oils and aromatics fro a deep-bodied, unique coffee experience.”

This would be an excellent addition to any coffee house, or to a coffee roaster who would like to compare coffees brewed precisely the same.  The unit is attractive to customers and offers a unique brewing presentation.  It is also a fraction of the price of the famed Clover coffee brewer, which can cost $11,000.  The Trifecta is about $2,500.  Not cheap by any means, but this is an industrial grade machine that is made to be worked.


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Nate is a special kind of coffee lover. He began drinking the same swill that most others do, but thought there must be something better out there. Sure enough, he was right, even more so than he ever dreamed possible. He soon found his way into the specialty coffee industry, and was tasting exceptional coffees from dozens of roasters from around the country. He is now committed to teaching others how they can appreciate coffee, and how they can make the best coffee in town and save money at the same time! Cheers c[_]

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  • Apparently I received some misinformation. The Trifecta has been purchased and used by some shops already. I was simply repeating what the sales rep told me, perhaps he was referring to it being the second show in which it was displayed? In any event, it's still a cool new brewer that makes a mean cup o' joe!

  • I don't know alot about coffee but I sure love to drink it. Ihave been drinking coffee since I was about 15. More then half my life.Can't go one day without it!

  • James W

    Cup O' Joe is my middle name!

  • Jamee

    That is really cool. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Julie

    Do you know which shops are using this already? Obviously (mostly), an individual consumer likely would not be purchasing this, but it sure would be neat to go and try some coffee made using the BUNN Trifecta. What did you think? I assume you got to try some while you were there. How did it compare to some of the best you've had?

  • Dear Nate,

    I am particularly impressed with your sense of humor. “On steroids,” loved it.

    The Bunn Trefecta unit looks very well designed, and we would expect nothing short of perfection from Bunn.

    I am looking forward to the day I have a cup of coffee made with this machine. Heaven's definition takes many forms.


  • Hi Leone! I appreciate the time you took to comment 🙂 Yes, the Trifecta is a great unit that makes a great repeatable cup of coffee. This type of unit could be used by shops that don't necessarily have skilled baristas working there. A skilled person could set up the machine, and trained monkeys could execute perfect cups of coffee afterwards!

  • Hello Julie 🙂 I don't have a list of shops with the Trifecta, but I would expect the list to grow rapidly. It is aimed at commercial clients such as; cafes, restaurants, roasters, etc. Your neighborhood could hold a community garage sale to raise funds to purchase one and share it 😉 I did have a cup brewed from the Trifecta. Keep in mind that the brewer is only one variable in the equation that equals a great cup of coffee. The cup was excellent and clean, but still retained the origin unique flavors. Sometimes if you use a paper filter it can remove many of the flavors in the coffee. The Trifecta's fine screen filter did not have that effect.

  • You are welcome Jamee! Thank you for taking the time to visit 🙂

  • Stick around and you will learn plenty as I learn too! Your love of coffee will explode as you understand it better. Thank you for spending some time here!

  • Phillman

    The Bunn Trifecta looks great. I wonder if I can put it on my office desk? :O)

  • lol..you could put this on your desk at work, but the $2,500 price tag is a bit steep for a personal brewer at the office 🙂 It does an amazing job though!

  • Phillman

    Beyond the price tag I figured the water hook up was going to be a bit tricky also.

  • Mark

    Sounds like I'd better get ahold of my Bunn rep for a demo. Thanks for posting this, Nate!

  • Thanks for watching and commenting Mark! I think this little baby would be great for tasting under exact parameters. It also makes a nice cup 🙂

  • Wvchile

    That seems like the ultimate for the coffee stickler and think of how you can isolate all the different variables of the coffee process like never before. you could discover what the effects are if you brew at just two degrees cooler. What strikes me about this is how huge this monster is for just one cup though. Sold!

  • They probably could've made it smaller, but I think it makes it seem more substantial and worthy of the $2,500 price tag. Although, when compared to the Clover it's a bargain. It would make a great edition to a cafe. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  • Kirk

    Bunn brought one of these over to the Prima Coffee office earlier this week and let us play with it! One of our coffee guys, Matt Galyon, wrote a first impression on it. Check it out here: http://prima-coffee.com/content/bunn-trifecta-f

  • Hi Kirk, thanks for the comment and the article. @BUNN has made a nice brewer with the Trifecta!

  • Kirk

    as far as the size, I had heard a number of comments about it's size before seeing it and was expecting something a lot larger. it was actually dwarfed by Bunn's G2 grinder they brought in. Could they have made it any smaller? Possibly, but with a footprint of 15 1/2″ by 12 1/4″, it will easily slip into a small space in a shop. Honestly, compared to commercial drip brewers, I actually think that this is a substantially smaller machine. Just my 2 cents; I realize that “size” can be a little subjective and what's big to some is small to others and vice versa.