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Last week’s post introduced you to the concept of Fair Trade certification and the difficulties that many coffee producers face in providing basic living essentials for their families.  This week I was introduced to a coffee company that’s sole purpose is to effect positive change in one specific country.  Three Avocados Coffee Company allocates %100 of their profits towards providing the people of Uganda with [Read more…]

How To Brew Coffee With The Chemex :: Video Tutorial


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I ordered this Chemex brewer a few weeks back and have been playing with it a few times since.  At first I was a bit intimidated, but once I tried to use it a few times I quickly learned how to coax a sweet cup of coffee from her.  I think it’s a girl….don’t know why, but I just do 😉  There are a

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Why #Coffee Drinkers Use Flavored Cream & Other Additives

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Here are my thoughts about why a particular segment of coffee drinkers prefer to douse their coffee with additives like flavored cream, coffee flavorings, and excessive amounts of cream/sugar.  I would love to have you leave a comment below!  Thank you so much for visiting 😀

Coffee’s Amazing Health Benefits

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How many times did you hear about coffee being ‘bad for you’?  For decades we have been bombarded by that very message.  Luckily for coffee lovers everywhere, the past few years, and as recent as last week, have unveiled the truth…COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU!  From what I’ve studied, the benefits of drinking coffee far outweigh any potential negatives.  This video talks about some of the highlights of recent studies.  Did you know that
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How To Clean a Coffee Grinder…Easily! :: Coffee Tips

how to clean a coffee grinder

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Whether you own an el cheapo blade grinder, or a top of the line espresso grinder, one thing is true for both: you have to keep it clean!  A dirty grinder will negatively affect the flavor in the cup, but how much effort is needed to keep your grinder clean? Not much if
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