#Coffee Anagram…with a little help from you c[_]

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Latte from Intelligentsia (Chicago: Millennium Park)


Here is a little coffee anagram that I wrote. Well, I wrote most of it and left the final “E” to the CoffeeNate.com facebook community, and Drew came through with the perfect phrase! I hope you like it 😀

C –

Caffeine: Without it I would have to sleep.


O –

Origins: Many & varied, which uniquely impact each brew.


F –

Farmers: The foundation of our daily cup!

F –

Friends: Lifelong bonds built on conversations had over a cup of coffee.


E –

Enchanting: There is a mystical quality to this fine beverage.


E –

Elixir: A magical and medicinal potion

A huge thank you to Drew, everyone else who commented, and to every CoffeeNate.com fan/visitor/twitter follower/friend! I deeply and sincerely appreciate you!!!

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