A Review of @KumaCoffee & #Coffee Cupping Tips


Kuma Coffee Review & Coffee Cupping Tips

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“Coffee cupping” it sounds like a weird thing.  It would be much easier to know what the heck it is if they would’ve simply termed it ‘coffee tasting’.  There are many things that impact a coffee’s flavor characteristics, not the least of which is the brewing process itself.  So when ‘cupping’ or tasting coffees, we eliminate all of the things that impact the flavor outside of the bean itself.  When we cup coffee, we simply add hot water to ground beans.  We do this into a glass or a ceramic cup, because these two items will not impart any odor or flavor into the brew.  We use the same amount of coffee in each cup, as well as the identical amount of water.  Now, we can make this as informal or as technically precise as we want.  In this instance, I was really informal.  The point of this cupping was [Read more…]

MugRevolution.com Custom Coffee Mug Review : @MugMkr


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There are several technical aspects to brewing the perfect pot of coffee; the beans, brewer, the right grinder, water quality, etc all play role in the final taste of your brew. Sure, these are all important, but there is something else that I find important too… [Read more…]

#Coffee Anagram…with a little help from you c[_]

latte from Intelligentsia in ChicagoPin It
Latte from Intelligentsia (Chicago: Millennium Park)


Here is a little coffee anagram that I wrote. Well, I wrote most of it and left the final “E” to the CoffeeNate.com facebook community, and Drew came through with the perfect phrase! I hope you like it 😀

C –

Caffeine: Without it I would have to sleep.


O –

Origins: Many & varied, which uniquely impact each brew.


F –

Farmers: The foundation of our daily cup!

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CoffeeNate #25: Making Espresso Is Easy

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Helloooo coffee friends!  This episode I will show you just how easy it is to make your own espresso at home.  Some people think that espresso is a special kind of bean, other say it’s a unique type of roasting, but the reality is that espresso is simply a brewing method.  The best way to brew coffee is to make espresso!  So, how can you make espresso at home that is better than from the cafe?  Want to make espresso based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos at home for less money than a cup of gas station coffee?  Then you [Read more…]

CoffeeNate 14: How To Win FREE Coffee!

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Well as we say goodbye to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, we will take this time to look back at what he’s contributed to the coffee world.  Nothing…okay moving on. 😉  This video details the new format for the monthly free coffee giveaway at CoffeeNate.com!  Each month will be sponsored by a coffee company and you can earn multiple entries by [Read more…]