CoffeeNate #20: LIVE! … In the Trenches

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Howdy do my fellow coffee addicts?  This week I have two episodes back to back.  I’ll be posting another video this weekend 🙂  This is a video of my presentation at IgniteSault.  An ignite talk is where presenters give a 5 minute talk about a passion of theirs.  During this 5 minutes you have 20 slides that supposedly automatically change at 15 second intervals, so there is a lot of timing involved.  Well, I said ‘supposedly’ because, as Murphy’s Law, indicates whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and my slides advanced 2 at a time and then they were being manually adjusted by the presenter dude.  I programmed it correctly, it just got corrupted somehow when they converted to the other machine…oh well.  No biggie, just threw me off a bit and I missed some points.

This talk was “The 3 Keys” as I’ve spoken about before here.  There are three major factors that have such a significant influence on your coffee flavor that if you get one wrong, you get it ALL wrong!  I’ll talk about these individually on future episodes, but here is the ‘Reader’s Digest version’.  The three keys are… [Read more…]

CoffeeNate Episode #10 : Dean & Deluca and Burr Grinder Reviews

Have a coffee question?  Have it answered on the show, and win FREE coffee! ASK COFFEENATE

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>>Breville Conical Burr Grinder<<

Hello, and welcome back to, I’m so glad you have joined me!  Today, I did a tasting and review of Dean & Deluca’s Dark Roast House Blend .   This blend is a complex mix of four origin varieties.  The dark roasting process does diminish the majority of the distinctive quality of the beans, but there is a detectable complexity.  Heavy bittersweet chocolate, smoke, and toffee notes, followed by a long and pronounced cocoa finish.  The acidity is bright, and it is full bodied coffee, meaning a heavy mouth feel. Dean & Deluca offers a wide array of quality culinary products, and their coffees and teas are just the start.  The price point is reasonable at $15 per pound, but the shipping is a bit high at $6.50 for this purchase.  If you buy 2 bags, then shipping is $8.50 and brings the per pound price down to $19.25.  Many companies ship in 12 oz packages, so there is the advantage of receiving %25 more than the common weight.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dean & Deluca coffee is Fair Trade and certified organic!  Their website and product information made no note of either, but this product carries the certification seals for FT and USDA organic.


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Two months ago my lovely boys smashed my coffee grinder. I was initially infused with burning hostility, but I quickly

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