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a single cup pourover coffee brewer called the “Ready Set Joe” that is a great way to brew a single coffee cup of decent ‘joe’ 🙂 This method is simply a plastic cone that fits above your coffee mug and holds a number 2 cone paper coffee filter.  I recommend using either a gold plated permanent filter, or a natural paper filter (brown).  The natural paper doesn’t contain chlorine, which replaces good flavor notes with bad.  This method uses gravity to pull the hot water through the grounds and into the mug below.  It takes all of about 30 seconds to brew a cup, and it is very economical at about $5.  I would add this to the list of hotel coffee brewing methods, as well as how to make coffee while camping lists.

This week I ordered and received some coffee from Coffees of Hawaii.  I had tried one of their coffees a few weeks back, and I liked it very much.  One thing that I found interesting was that the coffee, from crop to cup, was %100 American made.  There aren’t very many coffees that are grown, processed, packed, and shipped all in the USA!  Coffees of Hawaii is based on the small Hawaiian island of Molokai.

The variety that I chose was the Peaberry bean Muleskinner.  This is their signature coffee that is naturally dried.  The term ‘Naturally Dried’ refers to the processing of the beans after the cherrys are picked from the coffee plants.  Instead of the ‘washed’ method (separating the fruit from the bean prior to drying), the natural method is when the fruit is removed by naturally drying the beans in the sun.  Using this method allows the flavors of the fruit to influence the final flavor of the coffee.  In the case of the Muleskinner, it’s a definite winner.  I liked the rich dark roast (not burnt), it held a deep semi-sweet chocolate essence along with notes of black cherry.  As another indicator of the quality, my wife drank almost the entire bag in 3 days!  When I began to prepare for this video, I found that I only had enough coffee to brew a single cup…thus the accompanying review of the Melitta 🙂

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  • whitbord

    Pretty Jazzy Nate, you handsome devil.I won a trip to Hawaii last year and thought I died and went to Coffee heaven.Some of the Peaberry Special Reserve types were Amazing.Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks James…not too sure about that 'handsome devil' comment. 😉 Hawaiian coffee sure has a characteristic of it's own, and it's yummy! Thanks for the support 🙂

  • pamelaromero

    I'll never forget the coffee we had every morning in Maui it was such wonderful coffee!!

  • The Muleskinner sounds great. I use pourover for most of the coffee I make at home.

  • You had me at decent coffee…god knows i can't make a good one.

  • I imagine EVERYTHING is better when you're in Hawaii 🙂

  • 🙂 lol…sometimes the simpler, the better. This is a good starter, but a french press is even better. Whole beans, decent conical burr grinder, & a trusted brewing method. Those are the most important elements.

  • If you like a darker roast that still has some non-roaster flavor to it, then the muleskinner is a good choice. I like a dark roast, but not when it tastes like an ashtray. When you say 'pourover' do you mean one of these one cup jobbies, or are you talking about a Chemex or Hario? Thanks for stopping by!!

  • mikecrimmins

    Thanks for reminding me about the pour over brewer. I don't use mine nearly enough, especially in the mornings when I'm running out the door.

  • Jamee

    I use the Ready Set Joe almost daily. I love it!! With three little kiddos and lots of things to do, it is so quick and easy. I pour it over my travel mug because I never have time to stop and drink my coffee, even when I am at home. Then it stays nice and hot while I am busy with the little ones. Being in Louisiana, our current brew of choice is Cafe Du Monde….yumm!

  • I love the single cup pour-overs. In the mornings I use a Clever Coffee Dripper or my ceramic Beehouse Dripper… the Beehouse has 2 holes at the bottom so it drains pretty quickly, how many holes does the Ready Set Joe have? The thing about the drippers is like you mentioned, the paper taste… usually run some hot water through the filter over the sink just to get the paper taste out (after placing the filter in the dripper). But then the other thing is technique… technique really matters with these drippers, especially when they drain immediately! If the mug holds 12 ounces, usually pour 12 ounces in a measuring cup that has a pointed spout and carefully pour about 4 ounces over the grounds to do a pre-infusion and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then pour the other 8 ounces in a circular motion for about 2 minutes. It's extra work but can definitely taste the difference!

  • Rakketnut

    The Mocca Master has never added any bad flavour to my daily coffee