Episode #8 : Home Roasting Series #2 |The Skillet Method

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Welcome back to!  This week features a simple method of roasting green coffee in the convenience of your kitchen.  All you need is some green coffee, a covered heavy gauge covered skillet, and a metal collander.  Last week I showed you how to roast using an airpopper, this method makes it easier to reach greater depth in the roasting process.  I found that roasting in the popper was difficult to progress beyond the first crack.  I believe that some machines reach higher temparatures, and perhaps roasting outdoors in a northern cliamate may have contributed to this.  Either way, I found the skillet method more consistent once you learn the smells, appearances, and sounds of roasting.  Roasting coffee in a skillet on your stove top is very easy, it

takes about 7 minutes or so and makes a batch that is suitable for about 3 pots, much more than the airpopper did.  I purchased my green coffee beans from Café Campesino , and I whole heartedly encourage you to give them a try.  Other than offering quality beans at a reasonable price, they are also Fair Trade and Organic certified.  This means better beans, better conditions for farmers, and don’t forget…better taste!  Enjoy!!

Congratulations to Lily, who was the winner of a pound of Kicking Horse Coffee!  Lily won the drawing and grabbed herself a bag of Kick Ass blend dark roast FTO coffee…delicious.  You can win too, just ask a question and you’re in!  I look forward to helping you learn more about your coffee.

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