How To Brew Coffee With The Chemex :: Video Tutorial


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I ordered this Chemex brewer a few weeks back and have been playing with it a few times since.  At first I was a bit intimidated, but once I tried to use it a few times I quickly learned how to coax a sweet cup of coffee from her.  I think it’s a girl….don’t know why, but I just do 😉  There are a

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CoffeeNate #32 :: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


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What is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?  Why is it so special?  Why does Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee cost $50+ per pound?  Well, there are many things that… [Read more…]

CoffeeNate #23:: Speedy Reviews of Awesome Coffees

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So it’s been a bit since my last video, and I’ve been really itching to get in front of the camera again, but life is so busy…and loud…and busy.  No more excuses, you will get the real me, uncut, uncensored, unedited…unless it’s really bad 😉  Anyway, the past couple of weeks I’ve been drinking some really [Read more…]

CoffeeNate #18: What is Kona Coffee?

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Ahhh, it’s good to be back!  Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve published a video, and I was really feeling it.  This video is full of great info about Kona coffee, but admittedly so, it’s a bit dry.  I didn’t really notice until I was finished, but I seem a little on the mopey side…not at all the case, but video tends to require a little more pizazz.  Okay, enough ripping myself…

Kona coffee….what is it?….why is it so freaking expensive?…is Kona coffee worth the huge price tag?  Those are the questions I am [Read more…]

Camping Coffee : How to Make Great Coffee While Camping!


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Hello again coffee friends!  I’m back after a nice week of camping, hiking, fishing, cliff diving etc 🙂  One question I’ve gotten a few times is “how do I get quality coffee while camping?”  Many people think of using a percolator while camping, and predispose themselves to using this less than preferred method of coffee brewing while roughing it.  I have put together three easy camp coffee methods that will all produce a quality cuppa joe!  Oh yeah, all of these wonderful methods cost less than $30!

The first method is the travel french press.  Certainly, you can cart around your full size glass press pot, but why risk breakage and take up precious packing space?  I purchased this exact mug myself a month ago, and I must say that I am impressed.  It’s is a very unique design that offers great coffee brewing capabilities, even on the run!  Just throw a scoop of coffee in and add water that is 30 seconds removed from boiling.  Give it a stir for a few seconds, put the lid on and [Read more…]