CoffeeNate #19 :: How To Store Coffee

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Hello again, my dear and highly valued coffee friends! Today, I’m addressing a popular topic, they question that I receive most often. I figured that it deserved its own show… proper coffee storage. I continually get asked whether coffee should be stored in the the freezer…ground…etc. The answer to all of those questions is a resounding “NO freaking way!”  Did you know that coffee in the grocery store is typically six months old…or older? Did you know that coffee is considered fresh up to 15 days after the roasting process? Uh…15 days…6 months? Hmmm. Sadly, the majority of us have been trained and accustomed to drinking stale coffee! In order to properly store coffee, you must first purchase fresh coffee in the first place.

So now you know all of the don’ts, here are the do’s. 

  • Purchase only fresh roasted, whole bean coffee.
  • After opening the package, store your beans in an area that is free from moisture, temperature extremes, light, and oxygen. For the first few days after roasting, exposure to air is not an issue. The beans emit CO2, which repels the oxygen and protects the coffee’s flavor.
  • After 3 weeks give your leftover coffee, if any, to a friend 😉

Now, the best way to store ground coffee…in the garbage can! That’s my honest answer. The coffee bean is its own container, protecting the delicate, flavorful oils inside. Once ground, these oils begin to evaporate, and thus begins the staling of the coffee. This process begins the moment the ground coffee comes into contact with oxygen.

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