How To Use a Moka Pot :: Video Tutorial

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More than %90 of all households in Italy, the country that brought us espresso, own a moka pot! Invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, the moka pot became a favorite brewing method in Europe. This video and following text will teach you how easy it is to create a rich cup of coffee brewed in your own Moka Pot. I ordered a Bialetti moka pot, it was very reasonable in price (<$30), and I was impressed with the

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incredible flavor produced from this brewer. The moka pot is very easy to use, providing you with an excellent brewing method that is easily repeatable. There aren’t very many variables that you have to be aware of, just a few easy to follow steps, that when followed, create a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. The moka pot consists of three parts, the bottom chamber (A), the coffee basket/ filter funnel (B), and the upper chamber (C). The moka pot works by filling the bottom chamber with water just below the steam valve (you can see it on the pic to the left). The filter funnel has a tube that extends into the water of the base, while the top of the filter funnel rests on the lip of the bottom chamber. The top chamber has a rubber gasket seal and a screened bottom, with a tube running up the center of the chamber. The top chamber is threaded and screws into the base. As the water in the base is heated, the water inside is converted to a gas. The gas takes up more space than does the liquid, this exerts pressure on the surface of the water, forcing it up the tube of the funnel filter. The water is moved into the funnel filter at just the right temperature, prior to boiling, where it is mixed with the coffee grounds. As the coffee is saturated with the water, the grounds swell, increasing the pressure and aiding in extraction. The brewed coffee continues up the center tube of the upper chamber, where it is collected. I’ve seen some explanations that claim that the steam travels up the filter funnel tube and condenses in the filter basket, transforming back into a liquid. This is ridiculous and is quite impossible! Now you know the science behind it, here is the step by step;

  1. Boil a kettle of water
  2. Fill the bottom chamber (A) with the heated water to just below the relief valve
  3. Insert filter funnel (B)
  4. Grind your coffee now (I prefer just finer than auto-drip)
  5. Add coffee, filling the basket completely
  6. Screw the upper chamber (C) onto the base
  7. Turn heat on medium
  8. Remove from heat when the brewer begins to sputter, indicating the completion of the brewing process
  9. Serve full strength or mix equal parts with leftover kettle water
  10. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a few tips and suggestions for better brewing…

  • Using pre-boiled water not only speeds the process, but it keeps the coffee from being exposed to excessive heat prior to brewing
  • USE FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE! (This tip is for every brewing method and vital for optimal flavor!)
  • While I prefer a grind that is just finer than auto-drip, every coffee is different. Do some trial and error to find what works best for you
  • Make a little mound in the center of the coffee basket when filling it. This will add a little more pressure to the process, squeezing more flavor from the grounds
  • Do not tamp or pack the grounds into the filter basket
  • Use medium heat. Using heat that is too high will cause the coffee to be scorched, creating a burnt and bitter flavor.
  • Do what works for YOU! Coffee taste is subjective, so if you find a tweak that works for you, then do it!

So there you have it. Brewing great coffee in a moka pot is not only easy, but very effective in producing a tasty cuppa joe! You will be happy to see that the moka pot is also a very inexpensive way to enjoy a properly brewed cup of coffee. I got mine on Amazon for about $26! Any questions? Maybe you have some tips that have worked for you. Maybe this video inspires you to make your first pot of moka pot coffee. Please share your experience with me and other members of the community in the comments below! You comment just may win you some free coffee too ๐Ÿ˜€

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