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Organo Gold Cafe Latte Ingredients

Ingredients of a ‘Healthy’ Coffee

I’m really down on these ‘healthy’ coffee companies. While there are several other scammy outfits out there selling snake oil, it blows my mind that these people try to market to people who actually know what coffee tastes like, and that whole bean coffee is naturally healthy. It’s like trying to tell a cigar aficionado that a Swisher Sweet is better than a Fuente Fuente OpusX, or serving fish sticks to a food critic who specializes in seafood.

This week, somebody sent me a sample of ORGANO GOLD CAFE LATTE. I had to laugh when I opened the package, as I remember saying “These clowns are relentless!” Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t send me their miracle coffee, begs me to join their healthy coffee company to become a millionaire, or requests to advertise on my site. The answer to all of these requests is NO FREAKING WAY! I have yet to taste a ‘healthy coffee’ that I would even consider finishing the cup, let alone drinking it by choice.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a cup of the REAL healthy coffee…coffee! The stuff grows on trees, and it is only processed by drying and roasting. How in the world could turning it into a powder and lacing it with preservatives be better than the natural product? By adding a mushroom extract? I don’t think so. Give me the original “healthy coffee”…real coffee!!!! (Health benefits of coffee) The reason for this post is to share the ‘healthy’ ingredients of this “beverage”. No matter what unproven health benefits this mushroom may possess, I would have to say that in this form it would be negligible. I prefer to keep having my mushrooms sauteed and served with steak, not in my coffee.

There’s a reason that the Organo Gold website makes zero claims about having any health benefits. The only people you will ever hear making claims about this product are the ones who are selling it. Nobody buys it retail and the company doesn’t stand behind the claims that their representatives are making. If there’s no documented health benefits and it doesn’t taste good, don’t buy it. If there are health benefits realized by taking the mushroom, buy it from a health food store. Don’t use it to add to a low grade coffee-type beverage.

Organo Gold Cafe Latte Ingredients

Organo Gold Cafe Latte Ingredients

  • Sugar
  • Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Glucose Syrup Solids
  • Vegetable Fats (Palm Oil)
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Dipotassium Phosphate
  • Pentasodium Triphosphate
  • Mono & Diglycerides
  • Riboflavin
  • Sodium Aluminum Silicate
  • Organic Ganoderma Extract



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  • Glad I’m not the only one hounded by these healthy coffee pushers! I tried to always stay positive, but I had to write a rant about the so-called healthy coffee industry a few months ago. Great article! 

    • Thanks for dropping in Mike!  These bums are hounding me like there’s no tomorrow.  Apparently, they are not millionaires quite yet.  Why else would they waste their time?  Take care ?

  • I agree that the original is the best way to enjoy coffee, and if you’re gong to add ingredients to it, don’t make the mistake of claiming that this is in some way “better” or “healthier” than the original!

  • Cindyisonline

    Thanks for posting my exact sentiments. I was also astonished when I read the ingredients and wondered if my friend who sent it realized that by drinking this garbage she could’ve been risking my health. What if I had been a diabetic?… Good thing I do check ingredients! This stuff is so loaded with sugar it is obvious by appearance even without checking the contents! There was one sample that did not have all of the sugar and sodium listed, but I’m with you; I have to consider the source before trusting to consume anything from people putting out such unhealthy drinks posing as real coffee.

  • Nealy B

    my whole thing about you complaining about the sugar… they have black coffee.. what about Starbucks that has cookies, whipped cream, chocolate and more? that stuff looks healthier compared to other stuff on the market. to bash it based on one of their 7 coffees and 3 of the 7 have sugar and the rest dont… thats bad journalism. Post all 7 if your going to nitpick 

    •  First of all, I’ve never claimed that Starbucks cookies or whipped cream is healthy.  The ‘healthy coffee’ movement is a farce.  I’ve tried all of the Organo Gold coffees, and can confidently say that they are all equally bad tasting.  Whether or not the mushroom extract has healthy properties, the choice to deliver these extracts through an instant coffee beverage is flawed.  This isn’t ‘journalism’, this is my opinion. 
        Real coffee that is fresh roasted is healthy by itself.  To process it into an instant beverage, makes it less so.

      • Sad sad Nate

        I beg to differ, the coffee is great and everyone that has tried it, loves it! So, why don’t you go to your local Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Caribou Coffee and bash their products. In fact, I have a great drink that you could rant about. It’s called “Lotta Caramel Latte” From Cold Stone Creamery. It has 1,790 calories and 175 grams of sugar!!! And you call my coffee unhealthy!!! I contacted you, and you made a big mistake by not joining this business because I am making A LOT of money, but you are still doing this blog? huh. Have a great day, buddy!

        • “Everyone that has tried it, loves it!” Take your lies somewhere else. Thank you for anonymously posting, so as to display the pompous attitude that most Organo representatives have. Since you are making “A LOT of money”, you can drink all the mushrooms you want. I’ll continue to drink actual coffee.

          • Lisa Klein

            Actually, I agree with ‘Sad sad Nate’ most people I have sampled do prefer my coffee over their original Folgers/ Maxwell House. Nate, I understand and appreciate that you have voiced your opinion, though. 🙂

          • Thanks for being reasonable. I can appreciate that you have a different opinion than mine. It happens 😉 When you compare it to Folgers, I can understand those people preferring anything over their regular coffee. My issue is that there is a huge number of Organo sellers that are harassing specialty coffee lovers. It is crazy to try to sway us to drink the stuff. It is like a car salesman trying to sell a used Yugo to someone who is asking for a new Lexus. It is a waste of time and energy, because that guy is never going to buy it.

          • idh


  • Hi everybody, I understand your point of view and I respect it. But I’ll like to share my personnal thought and experience with you.
    Last Autumn, I took all in all 300 mg of anti-depressants and I did not feel good at all, I wanted to finish it and I cried in every day. A friend offered me a box of black coffee Organo gold. I just changed my morning coffee for this one without any particular expectation. After 2 weeks, I noticed that I did not cry in every morning any more and that I felt good. Further to this experience experiment, I became distributor with the aim of consuming a coffee that makes me feel good and share it with people around me. I am proud to say to you that I am completely weaned of any medication, I am happy and positive every day and I thank the life for having made me known Ganoderma, because this herb is really amazing.
    As for the coffee, it is simply an idea of genius and the vehicle to bring all the benefits of Ganoderma to most people possible, because everybody consumes it and don’t have to change their habits. The Latte is certainly not the first choice of coffee expert, but those who are used of Tim Hortons’s French vanilla coffee for example, make definitively a better choice with Organo gold Latte. There is 3 kind of coffee which only ganoderma was added to it. The Black coffee who is a Brazilian coffee with ganoderma certified organic 100 %, King which is a Colombian brown coffee organic 100 % and the well known Jamaican blue mountain which is delicious and pleasant to prepare in a bodum.

    I know that several distributors try to sell their products in a aggressive way and I finds that sad. This kind of company always frightened me and bring doubts to me, Organo Gold is my first experience in the relational marketing (mlm). But, I can now say that I made the right choice, this company was congratulated by Napoleon Hill’s foundation because it adopts a win-win philosophy for all and each individual. It is very pleasant to be able to choose with whom we want to work and to build a team at our image surrounded with people that we have pleasure to share a good coffee with. But the biggest reward, is all the testimonials of people around me saying they’re feeling good and happier. Have a wonderfull day! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Mélanie! I can appreciate where you are coming from. My thoughts about Organo Gold or any of these other healthy coffees, is purely based on taste, and in comparison to exceptional specialty coffees.

  • wyotoadsjava

    I wish people would leave pure great coffee along. Fresh roasted coffee is a lot healthier than the Dr.ered up coffee / mushoorned stuff.
    Please dont say that stuff is coffee. That along is a false statement.
    Thank you

  • Hi Nate! I’m one of those so-called coffee pushers that you speak of. I’m not knocking your article at all. In fact, I respect your opinion. They try to make everyone aggressive when it comes to getting their samples out. I’m not the type. You’re either going to like it and reap the benefits or you don’t. I personally can say that if it wasn’t for the Ganoderma in the coffee, my 10 month old daughter would not be here today. I have got my A1c down to 7% from 13% in about 9 months. I am also no longer taking medications. I am very proud to say that.

  • Macaulay

    What is This stuff? Good for health???
    Dipotassium Phosphate
    Pentasodium Triphosphate
    Mono & Diglycerides
    Sodium Aluminum Silicate

    • evosalud

      You forgot the Gamoderma its has over 300 nutrients 150 are fitronutrents. And it detoxs like no other. Just a reminder.

    • me

      Sodium Aluminum Silicate will give you brain damage, possibly Alzheimer’s or worse… Its an aluminum salt and aluminum is NOT used by the body for anything…. It is added because they don’t care about you!

      • JP

        You better don’t never ever eat chease in your live ….

        • I would never eat anything called “chease”.

  • evosalud

    Wrong on all accounts. I love the taste of this coffee made from arabica beans from Brazil. Has a smooth taste not bitter. So all the people that i sell this coffee to and repeat month after month for over a year now buy it because it taste bad? I living prove of its health benefits. Im 59 and had trouble sleeping due to arthritic pain sleeping like a teen again. Had swollen postrate due to inflamation gone with the Gamoderma coffee not taking pills any more. I dont need my pills for colesterol, constipation, hemmeriods, arthitis, back and neck pain, thyriods and postrate. All taken away by my doctor due to better lab analisis after taking Organo gold coffee. And by the way it taste good. So please stop the nonsence. I get to many testimonies of health bennifits.

  • Kamla

    Wow…. No matter how much hatred “real” coffee lovers love to dish out on Organo Gold it is still the fastest growing mlm company in the world with the top income earners in the industry. Somebody is drinking it…. Someone is enjoying it. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean your opinion is the holy grail. I am not a coffee drinker, but the green tea is amazing. My kids adore the hot chocolate. Your idea of great coffee is bitter and highly acidic and when I go near that crap I break out in instant hives. I can actually tolerate organo gold coffee’s taste. As a matter of fact, they have a blue mountain coffee product that most coffee connoisseurs actually love. You can’t stop the movement…. So keep on hating. OG will keep on growing.

    • You’ve obviously never had a cup of specialty coffee that was properly brewed. It is not at all bitter. People who love specialty coffee, the world’s top 5% of coffees, will never love OG, or any other ‘healthy’ coffee. They are completely different products. No powdered coffee will ever replace the goodness and sweetness of a freshly roasted coffee.

      This blog is where I share my thoughts and experiences with different coffees and products. Take it or leave it.

  • Matt

    Got my OG kit in last week and then a day later saw the ingredient list. I’m pretty disappointed and will see what I can do to get my money back on Monday. I saw a few posts elsewhere about another company called Serenigy which claims were made doesn’t have the problematic ingredients. Do you know about them and their ingredients? Have you tasted their coffee and liked it? Thanks.

  • Mark Monforti

    2000 active eBay auctions with this crap. they can’t give it away

  • Nola Bailey

    for those of you who are hating on Organo Gold coffee, well what can I say. Not everyone is going to like our products and that’s quite alright. I am a distributor who happens to love the products (some better than others) and I am a product of the product. Distributors are not the only ones who talk about the product as far as health benefits but also customers. My customers love the taste of the coffee/tea etc and also now Organo’s Global Brand Ambassador and lets not forget Manny Pacquiao who is one of our distributors for Organo. So I guess that these prominent individuals just want their names to be associated to rubbish? You think that they have not done their research on the company? As well as the Napoleon Hill and Mercedes Benz? If the company and the products were so awful, do you think that these people would want their respectful names associated with it? Don’t speak what you don’t know people! You don’t like our products fine! Our products are not for everyone but we are global and continuing to grow. Organo is a great company and the way I see it is more of a self development company with a compensation plan attached. It’s not a get rich quick company, you have to put in the work and it will all pay off. Nate and all the rest, stop hating!

    • Nola, I applaud your dedication to a product you love.

      I despise Organo Gold and I’m free to have that opinion. I’m speaking to what I know. I know that I don’t like the taste of the product and that the Organo Gold company makes zero health claims about it.

      Aside from that, I’m speaking purely of taste. Organo Gold coffee doesn’t taste as good as freshly roasted specialty coffees. I don’t care who you say drinks it or sells it. I’m sure Manny is selling packets of OG after getting paid millions for a fight. You call him a distributor, I call it a paid sponsorship.

    • ali said

      Most of those individual who fell into selling Organo are not educated. Any one with clear minds wouldn’t waste a minute coming to your meetings.

      Got a jobless neighbour who has tried few times to sell me the coffee, I feel sorry for him. Why not get a real job.