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What is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?  Why is it so special?  Why does Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee cost $50+ per pound?  Well, there are many things that…

factor into this equation.  First of which is the magical flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee!  The sweet, mellow flavor is intriguing and captivating.  With subtle hints of orange, clove, cinnamon, and brown sugar, this coffee is a hit!  Not many coffee drinkers can resist the smooth, silky Jamaican Blue Mountain brew.  The JBMC from Coffee Beanery was no exception.  The medium roasted beans possess a sweet chocolaty scent that is irresistible.  Although I brewed this coffee using a variety of methods, I preferred the flavor produced with the siphon pot and the french press.  Other methods like the moka pot, left the coffee too tangy, while the AeroPress removed some of the sweetness.

map of jamaican blue mountain coffee

Map depicting the "Blue Mountain" region of Jamaica

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  Earth shattering, isn’t it?! lol  In order to be labeled “Jamaican Blue Mountain”, the coffee must comply with a number of criteria, as set forth by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.  The coffee must be grown in the Blue Mountains between the elevations of 3000 and 5500 feet.  All area above this point is forest reserve, and coffee grown at the lower elevations cannot be labeled as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!  The board ensures the quality and classification of the coffees, and regulates the coffee industry of Jamaica.

Why is Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee so expensive?  Really, when you compare the price per pound against what you pay for a cup of coffee in a café or even a gas station, the price is very economical.  When you consider the fact that only %0.05 of the world’s coffee supply is Jamaican Blue Mountain, and %80 of that is exported to Japan, it is really easy to understand why you can expect to pay $35/lb or more!  It’s a simple application of supply and demand.  Not only is JBMC scarce, it is also VERY tasty!

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Pan Roasted Coffee

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I loved this coffee from the Coffee Beanery, based in Flushing Michigan! I found this coffee when I was reviewing some Kona coffee, and I liked this one almost as much as the Kona! The %100 Kona was only $33.00 more per pound, reasonable for Kona, but the Guatemalan is a nice medium/light roast. I recommend giving it a try, it’s the best bang for your buck! It’s called Guatemalan Huehuetenango and it is FairTrade/Organic. At $12.99/lb it is a steal, order yours at CoffeeBeanery and get %10 off by using the Coffee Beanery coupon code: CB1010 or receive FREE SHIPPING on orders of +$40 with the Coffee Beanery promo code: CB1055

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