Origin Trip to Colombia! #MindTheBean

Colombian Origin Trip When you think of Colombia, you think of coffee. I was recently invited by Café de Colombia, to visit the country and learn more about what they are doing, and to visit a coffee farm. I quickly jumped at the chance to meet the … [Continue reading]

Happy National Coffee Day! :: Coffee Day Deals :: #NationalCoffeeDay

    You've found the National Coffee Day deals for 2014. Get the 2016 list, here!   Happy National Coffee Day! For coffee lovers, this day means getting a free or deeply discounted cup of coffee. Here are some of the national … [Continue reading]

Dillanos Coffee Review : Coffee Giveaway

  Dillanos Coffee Dillanos Coffee Roasters began in 1992, and is based in Sumner, Washington. What began as a single coffee cart, has blossomed into a national, specialty coffee brand. From time to time over the past year, I've found a … [Continue reading]

Shearwater Coffee Review : #coffee @ShearwaterCR

    Shearwater Coffee Review : Ehiopia & Colombia I recently received two packages of coffee from Shearwater Coffee Roasters. They sent their Quinchia, a medium roast Colombian, and Homacho Waeno, a light roasted Ethiopian … [Continue reading]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…Coffee Style : #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...Coffee Style The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been dominating my social streams for weeks. It is easy to get annoyed at most things that have this viral component, but this is something unique. It … [Continue reading]