CoffeeNate Episode #4 : The Three Keys

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The question that has been asked as much as ‘why are we here?’….”How do I make a perfect cup of coffee?”  There is no single answer to that age old question, but there are three main factors (KEYS) to brewing the perfect cuppa joe.

I expand on these in the video, but to skimp on one means that you are committing javacide!  Don’t kill your coffee, nurture it.  Follow my simple instructions and it will make your entire day better 🙂 

Of course there are many other factors that play a role in the final product, but these are the three major players.  Filter size, type, material…water, filtered, tap, temperature…etc all create a new taste and have an effect on your cup.  Experiment on your own with the fine tuning and you will find what your ‘perfect’ cup is!  Have fun, and see you next week @! Become a fan of on Facebook and Technorati !  Don’t forget to sign up for the insider’s newsletter at the top of this page, don’t miss out on important updates!

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