The 5 Worst Coffee Gift Ideas Ever


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If you are a coffee snob like me, then you have gotten some coffee themed gifts from people who have no business buying coffee stuff unassisted.  I’ve gotten some things that I have to say, “Gee…thanks!”, but of course it is the thought that counts and I really don’t expect anything special, but some of this stuff makes me laugh 🙂  Here are a few items that I have found that some people actually spend their money on, although I can’t figure out why…


toilet bowl mug


Toilet Bowl Mug

Perhaps this is a great gift idea if you know someone who drinks nasty coffee.  Who would actually use this thing though?  Really, who wants to be seen drinking from a toilet bowl?! LOL

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Why #Coffee Drinkers Use Flavored Cream & Other Additives

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Here are my thoughts about why a particular segment of coffee drinkers prefer to douse their coffee with additives like flavored cream, coffee flavorings, and excessive amounts of cream/sugar.  I would love to have you leave a comment below!  Thank you so much for visiting 😀

Starbucks Controversy :: Are they ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ for the specialty coffee industry?

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Starbucks.  Just saying the word stirs up conversation and controversy in the specialty coffee world.  I asked a simple question on my facebook and twitter pages yesterday morning “Starbucks…thumbs up, or thumbs down?”  The results were [Read more…]