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There are several technical aspects to brewing the perfect pot of coffee; the beans, brewer, the right grinder, water quality, etc all play role in the final taste of your brew. Sure, these are all important, but there is something else that I find important too…THE MUG! It’s just magical when you pair the perfect brew with your favorite vessel. I know it is also an important element for countless other people, yet so many folks sentence themselves to drinking from a paper cup… yuck! Review

The Popular "Twitter Mug"

I had a favorite coffee cup once. I hugged it, I squeezed it, and I called it ‘George’. No, but I really did have a favorite mug that seemed to make the coffee taste just a little better, the sun shine just a little bit brighter, and the world seem just a little less crappy 🙂 Then it broke, and the coffee tasted worse, the sun didn’t shine, and the world was just as crappy as I remembered it. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t as good as it was before. Then I remembered meeting someone on twitter that made custom hand crafted coffee mugs. I contacted Owen Dearing (@MugMkr on twitter) and chatted back and forth with him for a bit, and I ordered one of his wildly popular “TWITTER MUGS” His website address is and it features all of the various designs that Owen offers.

There are many types of personalized mugs, and for around $20, they are a steal. I really like the personalization aspect of it. You can choose colors, designs, even which side of the mug you want the handle to be on. These are the details that make your daily cup of coffee an experience!

What do you think?  Do you have a mug that is your ‘goto’ coffee cup?  Maybe there is some other seemingly unrelated object that contributes to your own coffee experience.  I encourage you to take a photo of it and share it in the comments below!  You will see a button to add an image to your comment…do it!  For your time, I will give you an additional entry into the contest described below.


In the video I also touched on how to best store your coffee.  I really like these coffee storage canisters by TightVac.  They are really simple to use and I have a video review of them too (How to Store Coffee Properly)  The most important things to protect coffee beans from are; Air, Light, Moisture, Heat.  Keep your beans away from these elements, and your coffee will stay fresher for a longer period of time.

Coffee Vac from TightVac


kuma coffee company

For the month of September, you will have a shot at winning one of 10 prize packages consisting of a Toddy Cold Coffee Brewing System and one pound of fresh roasted Kuma Coffee!  In case you don’t know what a Toddy brewer is, or how to use it, I made a video about it (How To Make Cold Brew Coffee / Toddy Coffee Brewer Tutorial).  This is a great giveaway so don’t miss out on your chance to win 🙂

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