Camping Coffee : How to Make Great Coffee While Camping!


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Hello again coffee friends!  I’m back after a nice week of camping, hiking, fishing, cliff diving etc 🙂  One question I’ve gotten a few times is “how do I get quality coffee while camping?”  Many people think of using a percolator while camping, and predispose themselves to using this less than preferred method of coffee brewing while roughing it.  I have put together three easy camp coffee methods that will all produce a quality cuppa joe!  Oh yeah, all of these wonderful methods cost less than $30!

The first method is the travel french press.  Certainly, you can cart around your full size glass press pot, but why risk breakage and take up precious packing space?  I purchased this exact mug myself a month ago, and I must say that I am impressed.  It’s is a very unique design that offers great coffee brewing capabilities, even on the run!  Just throw a scoop of coffee in and add water that is 30 seconds removed from boiling.  Give it a stir for a few seconds, put the lid on and [Read more…]