Last Minute Deal: Bodum Travel French Press 50% Off!


Bodum Travel French Press 50% Off!

Stainless steel Bodum travel french Press

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

This item may have sold out, but you can still save BIG at Bodum!

Been waiting to purchase a travel french press?  Your wait is over, as Bodum has announced a 3 day sale on their travel french press!  For just $15, you can brew a great cup of coffee on the go.  You can also use this dishwasher safe, stainless steel travel press as a regular travel mug.  Here is some information from the manufacturer on this mug…

TRAVEL PRESS SET Coffee maker with extra lid, vacuum, large, 0.45 l, 15 oz, s/s Orange:

Should you have to compromise on an excellent cup of coffee when you’re on the go? We certainly don’t think so, and that’s why we’ve combined the coffee maker with a travel mug. For those of you who need just one cup for your morning perk, the travel press might be the right choice. For all the others who prepare a large pot of coffee and bring one cup for the commute, the travel mug will do the trick. They’re both vacuum and made from stainless steel for maximum heat retention. Both have a closeable lid with a stopper for the opening. The slip-proof silicone band around them comes in beautiful colors. This Coffee maker furthermore comes with an extra lid!

Offer expires after 8/23/2012

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Camping Coffee : How to Make Great Coffee While Camping!


Have a coffee question? Have it answered on the show, and win FREE coffee!

Hello again coffee friends!  I’m back after a nice week of camping, hiking, fishing, cliff diving etc 🙂  One question I’ve gotten a few times is “how do I get quality coffee while camping?”  Many people think of using a percolator while camping, and predispose themselves to using this less than preferred method of coffee brewing while roughing it.  I have put together three easy camp coffee methods that will all produce a quality cuppa joe!  Oh yeah, all of these wonderful methods cost less than $30!

The first method is the travel french press.  Certainly, you can cart around your full size glass press pot, but why risk breakage and take up precious packing space?  I purchased this exact mug myself a month ago, and I must say that I am impressed.  It’s is a very unique design that offers great coffee brewing capabilities, even on the run!  Just throw a scoop of coffee in and add water that is 30 seconds removed from boiling.  Give it a stir for a few seconds, put the lid on and [Read more…]